Sunday, September 03, 2006

Lawless Presidency = Lawless Society

We often hear the administration say that we all should follow the rule of law, to adhere to due process. But what do we do if the administration itself does not abide by these laws? Such is the case of the Philippines wherein the palace continues to violate the laws of the land.

The administration refuses to adhere to what is lawful and constitutional. We live in country where the highest office of the land gets away with anything, destroying the institutions along the way. Disregarding rulings of the high court to skirt from issues besetting the current dispensation in a blatant act of contempt.

So what do you expect the populace would do? Soon, everybody will just succumb to this lawless practice which pervades our society today. To the simple mind, committing a crime will therefore be the norm without fear of punishment and accountability. The "president" should be the last person to violate the law and yet in the Philippines' case, its the president who disobeys and of course, the rest of the country follows.

With impunity, members of the military and the police go their merry ways committing abuses and crimes against humanity. Even with the eyes of the international community now closely monitoring these acts, they couldn't care less as even the "president" gives them her utmost support. Even with the creation of the Melo Commission tasked to investigate extrajudicial killings, the military/police could not be touched. Afterall, they have already been absolved by the pretending president. GMA really is just a pretender, for no real president will allow her people to be subjected to any kind of abuse.

Even when the Supreme Court has ruled that most of her EO's are unconstitutional, she just merely orders another as those rulings only covered sprecific EOs. Unless the SC gives an encompassing ruling, she can basically do anything she wants and get away with it. Even abuses by the lower house go unabated as nobody even dares to file anything against its members. Being a co-equal, they make their own rules and bend it to suit what they want. Like tailors and designers, even jurisprudence is interpeted by these felons to their liking.

Institution after institution fall prey to the whimsical caprice of those who wield power. Even the future of our nurses lay in peril because of the adminsitration's policy of herding our professionals to distant lands to slave for the much needed dollars of our economy. Quality had now been sacrificed for quantity. Diploma miils will once again rise, educational quality is now compromised for the sake of covering up for the government's incompetence at rejuvenating an already worsening social concern. Teachers continue their flight to foreign lands as dometic helpers and doctors turn to nursing and caregiving to get better paying jobs. Even engineers work as mere construction workers as they can get higher wages sbroad.

If only our government follows and upholds laws, we all will have a smoother society which in turn wil lead to economic growth. Unless we as a people initiate a real Cha-Cha (CHARACTER CHANGE), we will never amount to anything than a country of cheats, liars and thieves. This is what the current dispensation has reduced our once proud nation to the eyes of the world. Truly, a lawless presidency leads to a lawless society.