Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Blackeyes for Cha-Cha

Proponents of Charter Change have been insisting that shifting to a parliamentary system is the answer to our countries woes. House Speaker Jose De Venecia time and again asserts that the fusion of the legislative and the executive branches of government will give our country politcal stability and lasting economic prosperity. He also added that political gridlock and military adventurism will be virtually non-existent.

While the People's Initiative of Sigaw ng Bayan awaits its fate in the Supreme Court, the majority bloc of the lower house has stepped up to the plate and came out with Resolution 1230 to convene congress to a constinuent assembly. Both the PI and Resolution 1230 are results of GMA's call for Charter Change.

Well, JDV and SnB might end up eating their words as two international events both involving the parliamentary system which they say is the savior of the Philippines is currently hugging the limelight. Due to leaks of lying about the economy, the prime minister of Hungary, Gyurcsany is in hot water. But due to his overwhelming support from the members of parliament, the people are left with no alternative but to kick him out themselves. He has not been ousted just yet as no calls for his ouster from the members of parliament has not been announced.

Reports of corruption and abuse of power has also been the torn on the side of Thailand's prime minister. Thaksin is also facing allegations that he bent the laws to benefit his family's interests. A coup attempt by disgruntled military personnel loyal to the king is in the offing. The parliament has been dissolved and members of Thaksin's cabinet has been rounded up. He is currently in New York to attend the UNGA.

With these two situations in mind, how can JDV and SnB justify their assertions? Clearly, both had been telling half-truths to further their interests. They have not studied their lessons well, thinking that what they would say would be taken as gospel truth by the ordinary Filipino. Certainly, the parliamentary system just like any other system is full of holes, especially with morally bankrupt people at the helm. Obviously, the parliamentary system can also be abused. Consolidating the powers of government can lead to tyranny and dictatorship.

JDV said that military adventurism will be eradicated, why is there a coup now in Thailand? Check and balance is a bone of contention, clearly, the Thai situation showed us that check and balance can be circumvented when the PM has the members' backing. This is also very evident in the Hungarian situation. When the PM holds the majority in the parliament, he cannot be ousted even if the people no longer support him. A vote of no confidence cannot oust the PM just like that. Unless the members of parliament band together and spring a coup, the PM can stay in power as long as he keeps the majority "happy". It all boils down to who holds the majority.

Since we've seen how the tyranny of numbers in the lower house has made a mockery of our constitution and democracy, certainly they can do this in a parliamentary system as well. So all this hoopla about the "shift" is nothing but a waste of time and money. These recent developments in Hungary and Thailand is an eye-opener for us. JDV and SnB has been clearly lying to the people all this time. I'm glad these events are unfolding at a time when the administration is trying to pull a fast one on the Filipino people. My two cents, Cha-Cha is nothing but crap. Its a diversionary tactic for the pretender to buy time. Its actually pushed to keep the status quo and not in support of genuine change. Cha-Cha will not rid this nation of its problems but clearly used as a ploy by those who hold power now to stay in power forever. A personalistic view than nationalistic one if you ask me.