Tuesday, September 26, 2006

He Still Doesn't Get It

Hermogenes Esperon, the unconfirmed AFP Chief obviously doesn't get it. After being pelted by UP students with two dozen rotten eggs last week, his interpretation of what happened couldn't be more wrong. Any decent, moral, thinking man would see the incident in a differnet light. Maybe, he doesn't know what a "fascist" is. This is what the UP students called him. The disappearance of two female students and their farmer host has been attributed to his leadership. The students are not remorseful of what they did, one even said that rotten eggs are not even enough to show their disgust with Esperon.

After lambasting the students, he recently floated the theory that the reason behind the opposition's apparent dislike for him is his refusal to launch a coup to oust his master in the palace. To him, this explains why he has yet to be confirmed by the Commission on Appointments. Opposition to his appointment had been strong because his name is one of those implicated in the "Hello Garci" scandal.

Its either he thinks too highly (undeclared arrogance) of himself or he's too drunk with the glory his Gloria is giving him. The people will never include his name in a list of possible officers to launch a coup. Nor will the people support a coup headed by Esperon. His name will always be associated with Garci. His rise to power will always be seen as payment for a "fraud" well done. We all know what kind of person he is. We need officers with conviction and not those who walk with their heads stuck in their asses.

He has the temerity to call the UP students as "bad eggs", c'mon, we all know who the "bad eggs" really are. And they can all be found in the administration. Please don't give yourself too much credit as we find you incredibly incredible. A true officer will unconditionally quit his post if his name is dragged in a controversy such as electoral fraud. Unless you expect to be paid handsomely for your role, you will not allow your name to be tainted in any way.

If he thinks he is serving the nation, he better think again. You are the protector of the state and not the presidency. Your oath is with the people and not with some dictator-wannabe. You are not suppose to blindly follow a despot unless you yourself is a despot. After all is said and done, Esperon until now does not seem to get it.