Thursday, April 29, 2010

Where Is The Black Propaganda?

The presidential candidate of the Nacionalista Party claims to be swamped by black propaganda. So far, all I've seen or heard being hurled against him has been proven to be true. Careful and diligent research has been undertaken by those like me who have reported on his very unethical and highly criminal dealings. Let me breakdown the issues so far brought forth against him. So far, he has not shown any document to debunk or refute the issues we raised.

In the first place, he chose to answer allegations that he benefited on the C-5 project in the media. He refused to answer in the proper venue that is the senate. So there is nothing wrong if media also airs the reports of his "sins". The issue here is if all these are simply black propaganda? Mr. Villar may have been used to faking and fabricating documents that is why he failed to recognize truth from lies. Colluding with the right officials may have made his claims to be true. But other documents and investigations brought out have proven otherwise.

He said that all his developments were legal. Why are there cases filed against him because of land grabbing and illegal land conversions? Just because you present land titles issued during the Japanese occupation doesn't prove ownership of these lands. Just because government agency officials say it is so, laws on the other hand say they are not. So how do you account for the farmers of San Jose and the Dumagats of Norzagarayclaim that you stole their land? Documents and laws have confirmed the wrongs you have done. Can you also explain how a sequestered piece of land can be acquired by your company? Perhaps the PCGG can do the explaining for you.

Is the illegal conversion of prime, irrigated agricultural land in Iloilo a figment of our imagination as well? I don't think so as those who used to farm there have spoken out to recount how they were forced to sell their lands to you. With another 600 hectares awaiting your development in the area, how many more farmers will succumb to your pressure? I suppose the DAR or the local executives there have some explaining to do as well. I am sure that there are many more similar cases hidden from public knowledge. Don't worry, we have a way of getting the information out.

The Vista Land issue being hurled against you by Erap and Enrile was one that eluded us. Fortunately, Enrile got hold of the document to pin you down with impropriety and unethical practice of a public official. Of course the PSE had exonerated you. Let me borrow Guido Delgado's ploy, a simple denial does not prove the document to be fake. Unless you see nothing wrong with being a businessman and politician at the same time, then you really must really think we are dumb and stupid.

Your lies have been exposed. You even lied about your status in life. When you can lie about your past, how then can you convince us that your entire existence is based on truth? At least this election has exposed the real Manny Villar, the Villar who abused his political position to enrich himself. What was a picture of inspiration in reality was a career mired in oppression and corruption.

Where then is the black propaganda you accuse us of? All I know is that we worked hard to prove tha issues against you. What have your supporters and your camp come up with? Nothing but a bunch of lies that have proven nothing but your desperation. Despite the billions you have already spent, despite the drama, despite the exploitation of children, women, the dead and the dying, you continue to slip in the ratings. Even a disgraced former president has more credibility than you. It's insulting to our intelligence that you call the truth as black propaganda.

Even if we take all these issues out of the equation, only one question sticks out like a sore thumb. How will you recover your billions? Ah yes, I have forgotten that you are a very good businessman. You have already proven your brilliance, after all, you have made yourself from a simple multi-millionaire into a multi-billionaire in just over a decade. What the Ayala's and Lopez's and even Lucio Tan took almost a lifetime, you have managed to do in a fraction of that.

Black propaganda? So far the only one using this in all forms and mediums is you and you camp. What is funny is that it keeps backfiring on you. No one is buying the lies you've been peddling but losers like you. It really is tough running a campaign based on lies and deception. Black propaganda my ass!

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