Sunday, January 10, 2010

Why Not Gibo

No matter what Gibo Teodoro says or paints himself, I will never vote for him. So what if he's intelligent or eloquent? Even if he tries to look sincere, two statements from really turn me off. The first is his reason for his loyalty to GMA, the second is his view of what accountability is. These statements are so glaring that even a good platform will surely not sit well with those who truly understand the repercussions of such statements. Let me explain why.

Gibo says that GMA gave him the break. As far as I am concerned, once appointed, you shed whatever "utang na loob" you have as you are now a public servant. Although you may work at the pleasure of the president, the fat is that you work for the people, the taxpaying public. GMA is not his boss, we are. We are the ones who pay his salary and shoulder the perks that goes with his position. His loyalty should be with the people. This leads to his second statement.

Gibo says that he would like the country to move forward. One thing that has stagnated the country is the sincere and credible prosecution of the Marcoses. There was no closure and we now find the cases against them being dismissed left and right. If we do the same with the Arroyos, every crooked politician can now freely lie, cheat and still without fear, knowing too well that they can get away with their transgressions. We need to honest;ly go after those who have wronged the people.

No amount of makeover or window-dressing can cleanse the image of Gibo. He should reexamine himself and if need be, stop being a pawn of GMA. Isn't it obvious that he is being used by GMA? For someone who is intelligent, he seems not to see this. I guess he lacks wisdom. Isn't it obvious that he like Erap and Gordon is being used to increase Manny Villar's chances? We all know that Villar and GMA are of the same mold.

I will never vote for anyone whose loyalty is not with the people. I will never vote for anyone who would rather force the people to forgive and forget. Our children's future have already been sent to limbo by the rising debt. Allowing these criminals to get away with their crimes is not a step forward but a million steps backward. Gibo is not the kind of president we need.