Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Silang Walang Moralidad

Although I voted for Koko Pimentel, I'm glad he's not in the senate now. Hearing his father, Nene protect Villar shows what values the older Pimentel possesses. Add the opportunistic Alan Peter Cayetano and the circle of immorality is almost complete. For the information of these two dimwits, we're not talking of simple politics here, we're speaking of ethics. To sweep this scandal under the rug is an injustice to us who put food on their tables, pay for their trips abroad and everything else that they get out their positions as senators.

Regardless whether it's elections or not, accountability and justice must always prevail. Villar may not have made a double insertion, but the fact remains that he benefited from the C-5 project. Villar has been doing this since he entered public office. He wouldn't be this rich if he were honest. Is this the kind of leadership we want? Those who protect Villar should not be voted into any office ever again. We don't need people who can accept abuse of power and corruption as norms.

I wonder what promises Villar made to them? Or even how much money they'll be showered with to fund their candidacies? It only shows that they do not want change. They want the old-style politics that has mired this nation. They want us to be as corrupt as they are. Any Tom, Dick and Harry can see that there is something wrong with this project. Hell, even my 11 yr. old niece saw through the flimsy justification of this scandalous project. We all know that the quickest way between two points is a straight line. Don't tell me that Nene and Alan are so bad in math that they chose to become lawyers instead.

Because it has become harder to conceal the truth from the people, Villar's cohorts now plan to kick out Johnny Enrile as senate president. It's good that the draft resolution was leaked or the people will forever be in the dark about who Manny Villar really is. They will only know Villar through his ridiculous ads. He should be man enough to face the consequences of his actions. He knows what he has done and should answer for it. I'd like to think that Filipinos are intelligent. I'd like to think that Filipinos have wisdom. And I'd like to think that Filipinos still know what is right and what is wrong. Being successful morally and legally is something to be proud of. Getting rich at the expense of the Filipino people is totally unacceptable.

To those who still think Villar is a saint, spare us, us who can tell what is right and wrong. Don't drag us down with you. We're fed up with elected officials who lie, cheat and steal. Villar will give you his fiinger but will take away your entire arm. That's how Villar works. He's a shrewd businessman. He will not invest if he will not gain anything. Walang tangang gagastos kung 'di niya ito mababawi. So you see Mr. Villar, money can't buy truth. Your minions can try their best to cover your filthy ass, but the stench will always come out. If only you used your "Sipag at Tiyaga" honestly, you may have a bigger chance to be president.

See what happens when you use money to level the playing field? You cannot buy integrity and credibility. This is not about politics, this issue is about ethics and morals. It's imperative that the truth come out. The people has the right to know how Manny Villar stole from the people. I know the real Villar, do you? Or are you like Cayetano, Pimentel and the rest of his gang? Meron din ba kayong moralidad?