Monday, January 11, 2010

The Midnight Express

I'd like to believe that between now and May 17, nothing else will give Gloria a reason to extend her term. But it seems that she's making the mJustify Fullost out of her last days in office. Midnight deals and appointments seem to be floating everywhere. As these continue, I wonder what the new president or even the country will wake up when she does steps down. All these brings me to the proposed Freedom of Information bill which has been gathering dust in the shelves of congress.

Transparency has always been an issue with the current dispensation and believe, it has been wreaking havoc on the country. Investigations have been rendered useless and scandals left unresolved. Executive Privilege has kept all issues from the public's questioning eyes. Even agencies are having a field day with midnight deals. One such contract is the very expensive RFID deal between Stradcom and the LTO. But what about deals that we don't know about?

With a ballooning deficit, we have yet to find out what othe surprises await the new administration and the country. Already mired in debt, I don't think we could take anymore. FVR left us with PPPs that continue to keep our power rates up. What would GMA leave us with? With only so many days left, I don't think the Freedom of Information bill will be passed. We will be left clueless of what to expect or find when the dust of GMA's presidency finally clears.

GMA's Midnight Express is running full throttle. All we can do is file petition with the Supreme Court whose allegiance is in question. If only we are armed with a law that will force institutions to be transparent? How I wish that even without a law, administrations would be honest to the people. I guess all we can do now is to sit tight and brace for the uncertainty GMA will leave us with.