Monday, January 18, 2010

Huli Ka!

The draft report by the Senate's Committee of the Whole seeks to censure my favorite senator for improper and unethical conduct in connection with the scandalous C-5 Ext. project. No wonder Alan Cayetano moved mountains to have a questionable resolution signed to preempt the committee's findings. Cayetano also wants us to think that this is a case of political persecution. For me, there is no such thing as the right or wrong time to bring out issues against any political figure. What is important is for the public to know what our leaders are engaged or involved in. It is also unethical for Cayetano to protect an erring official.

The report also found the following:

• Villar was the proponent of the Las Piñas-Parañaque Link Road Project and the DPWH C-5 extension project which were made to pass through the properties of his corporations “following a curved, instead of a straight alignment.
• The alignment of the C-5 segment of the Manila-Cavite Toll Expressway Project of the Toll Regulatory Board was changed to accommodate the two road projects.
• The properties of Villar’s corporations that were acquired for the Las Piñas-Parañaque link project and the C-5 extension project were given zonal valuation for different areas (not the zonal valuation of the area where they were located), jacking up the compensation due them.

Villar's properties in the area are, Adelfa, Brittany and the Golden Haven Memorial Park. Over the weekend, Manuel Buencamino and I took a field trip In Las Piñas. It was like Villar's little kingdom. The city was littered with small and big subdivisions owned by Villar. What's so revealing is that his subdivisions had access roads to C-5. In one of my posts, I pointed out the impracticality of having the C-5 pass through the area. The exit to Quirino Ave. is just too narrow. In fact, as we traversed the road, we practically were alone. No trucks or other vehicles were passing. Quirino Ave. is notorious for its horrendous traffic. The Coastal Rd. is still the most practical route when going south. He patiently bided his time. Since 2001 to 2008, he worked tirelessly to make sure that the C-5 Ext. Project will benefit him.

Here is a person who can look you in the eye while lying. Here is a candidate who says he will fight corruption. Here is a senator who abused his position for his own benefit. No wonder he can spend for so many ads. Whatever he says now should not be believed. No timing is more perfect than now to expose the real Manny Villar. If can do this as a congressman and senator, what more if he becomes president. We might all end up tenants of this very corrupt person. Let the truth be told so that people may realize that Villar is nothing but a crook.

"Si Villar ay tunay na masipag at matiyagang gumawa ng pera. Si Villar ang hahakot ng ating kayamanan."