Thursday, January 07, 2010

Villar, The Environmentalist

Once pristine and teeming with life, this portion of the Zapote river is nothing but an ordinary 'Estero'. I used to fish here in my younger years. Reptiles and plant life is abundant. Manny Villar thought that it would be a good idea to cement the banks, for whatever reason, I really don't know. Is this the kind of progress Villar envisions? The subdivisions that line this river's banks now experience flooding. This is but one of the many waterways that suffered under Villar's dream of development. Many other creeks in Las Piñas were covered to give way to his subdivisions.

The impact is not only to the subdivisions but to the entire Zapote area. Residents and businesses alike experience floods never experienced before. It's funny how Loren, an environmentalist could align herself with an 'environmentalist' like Villar. If only mother nature can speak? I wonder what vile words she'll be spewing out?

"Naka ligo ka na ba sa ilog ng basura?"