Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lagot Ka Kay Batman

I guess Joker Arroyo has forgotten his motto, ""Pag bad ka, lagot ka". He could also be too old to remeber how he accused Manny Villar of the very same issue confronting Villar today, conflict of interest. Seeing him stand up to defend Villar is a lesson we all must take to heart, money and Manny is the root of all evil. Perhaps Joker is playing the role of Batman's nemesis. A villain caught up in his twisted world of crime.Justify Full

Joker like his good peer, Nene Pimentel epitomizes what we call "tumatanda ng paurong" or "walang pinagkatandaan". This regression if we may call it that, only shows the effects of power have on unprincipled men. Graft-buster he certainly is not? It's only been a decade since he stood up to question Villar's ethics in congress. Has his memory deteriorated in such a short span of time? Or is seeking for more glory should Villar get elected?

Of all the 180's I've seen politicians do in their political lifetimes, Joker's is one for the books. The issue against Villar back then is no different from the issue he faces today. Villar has used his position and influence to enrich himself. I wonder how Joker can sleep at night or look himself in the mirror? He knows that we all know what he accused Villar of. If I may suggest, Joker should simply sit quietly and let Cayetano and Pimentel do the lawyering for Villar. The least he talks will lessen the ridicule people will subject him to.

But then again, men without principles are immune to criticism. I'm sure Joker will stand up for the coward Villar. He, Cayetano and Pimentel will be Villar's ball. They are like mercenaries willing to risk their lives in the name of money, err, Manny pala. So be it. Joker has made his choice. Don't tell me I didn't warn you. Now you will have to face the consequences of your stand. Lagot ka kay Batman!