Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Truth Is In The Documents

Unfortunately, the showdown in the senate was cut short. It is so obvious that Villar's allies are putting a spin on the issue to make it appear it's a simple demolition job on their big boss. But what better time to expose the true Villar than now? Are we to take chances of electing him to office only to find out later that he's worst than Gloria? Cayetano even tried to question Noynoy Aquino's integrity by throwing the Mendiola and Luisita incidents into the fray. He even added the SCTEX in his potion of lies. Not to be outdone, Pimentel showed what an uneducated moron can do.

The documents presented in this case should be appreciated. Testimonies can be twisted but documents never lie. This is the reason why Manny Villar will never face the senate. He knows that his hand has been caught in the cookie jar. The documents shows how he manipulated the entire project. The DPWH officials can say otherwise, but documents showing who lobbied for what is very clear. BIR officials can say otherwise, but documents will show what the true prevailing zonal values were.

Perhaps now the people will stop listening to Cayetano and Remulla and start to take interest on studying the documentary evidence of the case. Villar cannot run from the truth. It is clear that he benefited from the C-5 project. He can talk all he want in different mediums but the fact of the matter is that he still has to debunk the evidences. He could put out more ads but this will only strengthen the perception that he had been stealing to enrich himself.

I'd like to think that Filipinos are more discerning now. Take time to study the evidences then meke your conclusion. Is this a simple case of politicking? Is Villar as clean as he projects himself to be? Do not listen to me or those who try to expose the true Manny Villar. Look at the evidences. Demand that Villar defend himself before the senate. Let him prove that he never used his power and position to enrich himself. He is a public servant, demand from him the service he vowed when he took office. Only then will he be able to prove if he is innocent. We are talking of ethics here. The ethics that all public servants are expected to adhere to. It is election season and we deserve to know who these people really are. We cannot rely on ads or jingles. We deserve to know the truth.

(Check out the committee report and other pertinent information here. Please take time to look over the other documents pertaining to the C-5 case)


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