Tuesday, May 22, 2007


It seems that more and more discrepancies in the canvass entries are being uncovered. The election watchdogs are indeed doing their job well. The latest of these discrepancies were traced to Ralph Recto who was given an additional 100,000 votes.

Last week, the same "CLERICAL ERRORS" were discovered. Chiz Escudero and Alan Cayetano were almost robbed of 100,000 votes each. Fatigue maybe taking its toll on our hard-pressed canvassers. It could also may have been pressures from some quarters.

But the COMELEC, when its hands are caught in the cookie jar, has one explanation and an alarming one at that: CLERICAL ERROR. With the canvassing at a snail's pace once again, I wonder how many times this phrase will come out of the COMELEC's mouth.

Our vigilance is paying off. The cheats are losing their battle. Whatever the outcome is, I will accept it as long as it is proven to be the true mandate of the people. No, I'm not waving the white flag nor am I willing to accept Gloria's claim that she has the confidence of the people. I am very sure that there are those who did not vote or were never allowed to vote. Then there are those who voted who were not supposed to. But all these will have to be in another post.

The voters' list despite being purged was full of errors. I suppose the COMELEC's answer to those disenfranchised will be, yes you guessed it, CLERICAL ERROR. Now the "I AM SORRY" speech by Gloria is passe and Garci has done his job, CLERICAL ERROR RULES! And pixies are everywhere. Lets be more vigilant, people!