Wednesday, May 09, 2007


The case of forced disappearances is increasing at an alarming rate. Since Gloria took office back in 2001, the total number of abductions has reached 199. The last one is Jonas Burgos who was forcibly taken from a mall. But Jonas had the name of his firebrand father. Just imagine those who are not so lucky to have a popular parent.

Ever since Gloria directed her military to annihilate the communists, the number of disappearances increased. Oplan Bantay Laya and the notorious butcher, Jovito Palaparan are the perceived culprits of these abductions. This year alone, fifteen victims have already gone missing. Last year saw seventy-seven and 2005 figures are twenty-six enforced abductions. The biggest number are from the Bulacan area. We all know who had responsibility for this area.

The vehicle used in the Burgos abduction has been traced to the DENR in Norzagaray. but is impounded by the AFP. Its connected to an illegal logging case. And guess where this AFP unit is based? Yes, in Bulacan. Now the AFP says that they have turned the vehicle over to the DENR. Another finger-pointing case.

Those who have gone missing are mostly student activists, union leaders, organizers of the poor and farmers linked to progressive groups. This policy of the administration has developed a culture of impunity and abuse. Instead of engaging in social reforms and addressing social concerns, the administration took the easy way out. They employ intimidation, harassment and outright terrorism to clean up their mess.

This cowardly practice of abducting dissenters has led to the torture of those they left behind. The pain of uncertainty continues to haunt their families. The longer they go missing, the more terror it sows in the hearts of their compatriots. But regardless of how many this administration abducts, there will be more who will take their place.

Abductions and killings will never prevent dissent. Floating the Red scare may work for the "blind" and stupid but not to the poor and oppressed who have been suffering for many years. The term MISSING has many meanings in our country. Its not restricted to those who were forcibly taken but may point to what our country and system actually lack.

  • MISSING is the rule of law.
  • MISSING is the legitimacy and moral ascendancy of the current dispensation.
  • MISSING is the sincerity to serve the people by those in power.
  • MISSING is the indignation of a civilized society against abuse and corruption.
  • MISSING is the sense of concern for the betterment of our country.
  • MISSING is the sense nationhood.

So now I pose this question to the non-believer. Tell me, how many more of our countrymen should disappear before we realize what is actually MISSING?