Tuesday, May 08, 2007

My Wish List

This is how I will vote this May 14. I'm giving the candidates of Ang Kapatiran a chance to change the system. Of course, I will never vote for any of TUTA's candidates.

  1. AQUINO, Noynoy
  2. BAUTISTA, Martin
  3. CAYETANO, Alan
  4. ESCUDERO, Chiz
  5. LACSON, Ping
  6. LEGARDA, Loren
  7. PAREDES, Zosimo
  8. PIMENTEL, Koko
  9. ROCO, Sonia
  10. SISON, Adrian
  11. TRILLANES, Antonio
  12. VILLAR, Manny

REMOTO, Danton

Kabataan - the youth needs to be heard

My other party-list choices are: PEP, Akbayan, Gabriela, Abanse Pinay, Anak Pawis and Bayan Muna.

Use your right to vote. It may not be the silver bullet that will rid us of our woes but its a step for change. Elections is always a step into the unknown. Let us do away with cynicism and be proactive. Don't waste your one vote as its a vote for our future. Let's GO out and vote!