Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Making The Grade

When it rains, it pours. This is what's happening now as the race for the Magic 12 is heating up. The blatant display of how cheating can land you in the top 12 is now pouring in. Despite the presence of election watchdogs, the cheating operators were not deterred from conducting their fraudulent business. Military presence did not prevent hostilities from breaking out. And intimidations were even more pronounced.

Cheating is more rampant now as the final stretch to proclaiming the Magic 12 is at hand. Quantity and not quality is the name of the game as the COMELEC sacrifices scrutiny with speed. Despite questionable CoCs, the COMELEC would rather finish the count and proclaim the winners and worry about protests later.

Now the dagdag-bawas is more evident. The COMELEC just makes everything slide than charge the perpetrators. In many cases, they justify or even cover-up those who obviously are guilty of fraud. Even candidates who benefited through cheating were never questioned. This cases were simply noted and would sure fade into oblivion.

COMELEC officials whose watch were tainted with documented reports of alleged cheating were quickly absolved of any wrongdoing. Even when violations are done under their very noses (I'm quite sure, even with their blessings), these COMELEC officials were retained and even praised. Abalos, despite tons of evidences even has the gall to berate the media for airing footages of cheating. (eat my shorts Mr. Abalos)

Migz Zubiri and Ralph Recto simply kept quiet despite being obvious beneficiaries of dagdag-bawas. It only shows what kind of men they really are. Nothing is more important to these two than just making the grade, regardless of how they get there. Mga walang delicadeza. A true gentleman would never allow himself to win through cheating.

With the huge campaign expense of these two, they will do anything and use any means to get into the Magic 12, even at the expense of decency and principle. If principles can be bent, what can these two offer the senate much more the people? I'm sure they know where they stand in the eyes of the people. No amount of endorsement will put them into office. Is this how low our senator-wanna-bes will stoop just to make the cut? Of course, what can we expect from "puppies" of a cheating president.

If I were in their shoes, I would be the first one to ask for an investigation to make sure that the will of the people be heard. But then again, I'm not a greedy, power hungry, unprincipled trapo like them. This is where we make the distinction between public servants and self-servants. By hook, or by crook....winning is the only thing to them.

As the last Cocs reach Manila, expect more shenanigans to be exposed. The heat has taken its toll on Rene Sarmiento, head of Task Force Maguindanao. The special elections there was marred with recorded violations and intimidations. Now the stakes have gone higher as the last position is up for grabs. I wonder what the TU will come up with this time. I hope its not another "kuwentong barbero" where shaving is a way of life.