Sunday, May 06, 2007

Into The Homestretch

I'm not talking about the Kentucky Derby, its about the midterm polls. As the elections draw nearer, the number of election related violence is increasing. Local candidates are trying to decimate each other's ranks. Ambuscades and assassinations are becoming more regular and brazen.

These are the very same people who think that going parliamentary is the way to progress. The government boasts that we are in a democracy yet candidates resort to all kinds of illegal activities to ensure their win. It is safe to say that these hoodlums are nothing but mere warlords who would use any means to further their ambitions and hooliganism.

Even Manny Pacquiao, with his bodyguards and guns accuse his petite opponent, Darlene Custodio of plotting to assassinate him. He has turned into a bogus champion of the people. He now talks, walks and breathes like a trapo. His rhetorics does not amount to anything as we all know how the vindictive Gloria withheld the PDAF or pork of her opponents in congress.

Opponents of administration bets are harassed or disqualified. Just take the case of Mayor Jesse Robredo. Rehashed charges of he being an alien finally succeeded. Thank the incompetence of the COMELEC division who found merit in what has been decided years before through an en banc resolution. The Villafuertes sure wield immense powers.

After the Supreme Court finally put to rest the controversial party-list nominees, the COMELEC can no longer protect the bogus party-lists. Now the fakes have been unmasked and cases for their disqualification are being readied. Administration allies in congress and government offices will have a hard time justifying their candidacies. Chief Justice Puno has once again saved democracy from the evil hands of this administration.

There seems to be a snowballing of concerned voters. Never have we seen so many volunteers who will try and protect the will of the people. Apathy seems to be waning as the people now are more proactive. Finally, genuine concern for democracy has awakened our sleeping people. I hope this enthusiasm will continue lest we be lulled into complacency again.

The elections will be our make or break. We can either sell our future to a power-drunk gang of thugs protected by a corrupt military, or we can take the step into the unknown by making a political statement. We may or may not get everything we want, but at least, those who we will vote for will be on their toes. Let's take the bul by the horn and decide for ourselves.

There will never be change if we don't vote. We cannot sit idly by while our country is raped by those in power. Let's bear in mind that we the electorate wields power. Let us not surrender our liberties to a corrupt and abusive regime. Participate and vote against Gloria's candidates.