Friday, May 11, 2007

Hope Springs From Us

When people fall prey to CYNICISM, that's when we stop living. Its like surrendering yourself to the powers that be, to be dictated upon and just accept whatever is presented to you. I am saddened that most Filipinos have lost faith in our elections. But whether we like it or not, you and millions of us will have to vote come Monday.

I have seen several elections in my lifetime, yet I never fail to use my one vote. Never have I given up on the only day when my sentiments can be known. The deterioration of our institutions should not dishearten us. It should instead strengthen our resolve to push for change and make our voices be heard.

One way our perverted leaders use to weaken us is to destroy our trust in the electoral system. This ensures their hold to power. The less voters, the more its easier for them to cheat. They expect us to lose sight of our goal to rid this government of its corrupt officials. With us out of the way, they can go their merry way, robbing us blind.

Its now all up to us to make sure the cheats will not win this time around. Never have more than a million freedom-loving Filipinos volunteered to safeguard our votes. From all walks of life, they came to make sure our true sentiments will be protected. The cynics should now have a change of heart. Complete strangers will be laying their lives on the line to protect your vote.

The cynics will no longer have the reason to take this elections for granted. With these volunteers, we can take back the elections the cheats have stolen from us. To the non-believers, you can now be sure that your vote will be counted. But you can take it to a higher level by sticking around and lend a hand to these gallant volunteers. Its your vote and future they're guarding anyway.

Hope for genuine change and a reversion to credible elections is in our hands. Its all up to us and not those we will elect. Let us not be a nation of cynics. Let's do our part in shaping our future. We can decide our fate as long as we actively participate. Let's not stand around and expect change when we do not even dare lift a finger. If we don't trust our institutions, than its up to us, the people to make sure the elections will be clean.

Hope springs eternal when it comes from us. Go out and vote. Elections is the only day when we are all equal. We all have just one vote. Vote with conviction. Let your voice be heard. Perform your obligation to make sure the elections will be clean. You don't have to be a volunteer, you can always stick around and watch the counting.Its your future that is at stake.