Friday, February 02, 2007

Cooking It Up With Gloria

The installation of Hermogenes Ebdane as the new Secretary of National Defense may have sealed the deal for the coming elections. Ebdane as we all know, is one of the generals implicated in the election fraud of 2004. The alleged ballot switching in the lower house and subsequent protection of election operator, Virgilio Garcillano has been attributed to him.

With Avelino Cruz out of the way, this paves the way for another round of election fraud. The Dynamic Duo of Hermogenes Esperon and Hermogenes Ebdane (coincidence?) now has a stranglehold on the entire military. Madame Glueria sure has the best recipe to ensure her minions' victory in the coming polls. She's slowly filling up her administration with her most trusted henchmen. With the aid of another perceived operator at the DILG, the skepticism of the people could turn into reality.

To cloak her evil plans, Glueria had called for a poll summit which she says should allay the fears of the people. Of course she knows very well that even without this summit, the government is duty bound to ensure an honest and clean election. She knew that the opposition and the church will not join this circus. Everybody knows its plain lip service. She has a penchant for saying one thing and doing another.

Its good that the senate has sat on the anti-terrorism bill, imagine if it had been passed, there might not be an opposition slate in the coming polls. The threat of suspension and dismissal of local officials is also part of the administration's grand design to make sure their horses will win the electoral race. The goal is to survive at all costs.

The only way to prevent this witch's brew from poisoning the electoral process is the people's vigilance and active participation. The voters' should guard their votes. With the technology available today, and even without the automation, the people can use their camphones and even their digicams to record the canvassing. To attentively watch the counting of votes is also a way to safeguard our votes. The Filipinos are known "usiseros", let's put that trait to good use and make sure our votes count.

Let us collectively thwart their plan to cheat us again. We must not let our guard down. To be passive will allow evil to win again.