Friday, January 26, 2007

A Political Stunt Gone Awry

My friends in business had many times said that increasing wages is not the answer to our laborers' woes. One pointed out that due to the influx of cheap, imported goods, their production has actually gone down. Another pointed out that high cost of utilities is a factor which the government refuses to admit. They also said that due to high cost of raw materials, their factories could only spew out so much. These people have avoided laying their employees off. Even with declining production, they try to keep their labor force intact. Even if the wage hike was staggered in three installments, they said that it would still be hard for them to avoid layoffs. Or worse, shut their operations down.

Disregarding regional wage boards in a bid to make scapegoats of the senate, the lower house pushed for a P125 legislated wage increase. But the senate called their bluff, now the house wants to take back the bill. GMA couldn't risk a collapsing economy surrounded by closing businesses and skyrocketing unemployment. All the lies about a booming economy will hit her in the face. She couldn't afford to lose her position and earn the ire of even those who are passively riding out her tenure.

A consumer driven economy whose patronage is centered on cheap, imported goods wouldn't last long. Nor will the billions in remittances by the OFWs sustain our economy. The bill is a classic example of how a rushed bill could have devastating effects on the lives of our people. I would rather have a perfected bill than have a zillion amendments when enacted into law. Political grandstanding like this one only shows the depth of intellect and logic our congressmen have. They have the gall to call themselves the best and brightest yet this latest stunt showed how inept and irresponsible these people are.

The reason they gave for the recall of the bill was for further deliberations and consultations. These bozos should have studied the proposal before sending it to the senate. Now the poor laborers are left holding an empty bag. They thought that they will finally be given the increase they so desperately need. Once again, their emotions have been toyed around with by these callous representatives. The promise that GMA gave them in her previous speeches had been thrown to the wind. These poor souls have been once again been made pawns by political grandstanding by the administration. They've been left out to dry.

So come election day, take note of these hooligans masquerading as congressmen. Their constituents should make them pay dearly for pulling the rug from under their feet. The administration bloc in the lower house should be made accountable for the shenanigans they have committed. Let the elections be payback time. Let their constituents give them the trampling they so deserve.