Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Giving Gloria A Good Whacking

Well, its high time the disgruntled people of the Philippines show this despotic regime who the real boss is. Its time that we show GMA how fed up we really are of how she is running this country to the ground. Let this midterm elections be the turning point and the start of the end for the Pidals.

She wants the people to forget the past and move on. But with so many questions left unanswered, we will never move forward. Let us not forget that we should learn from the past or else be bound to repeat the mistakes we committed. She must be made accountable for the lying, the cheating, the stealing and the killings. We must not allow her to take the country down with her. The Pidals and their minions must face the music.

I must admit that I'm not fond of some of the Grand Coalition's candidates, but heck, its time to give Gloria a piece of my mind. Even just to spite this moral pygmy, I will throw my lot with the opposition. The issue really is Gloria and no one else. I must respect however the views of others. We live in a democracy and we cannot impose our will on others. Its still their choice and its their vote.

I however will be turning a blind eye just this once. I AM VOTING 12 - 0 FOR THE OPPOSITION SLATE. I don't want any of GMA's gang sneaking in. I hope we all unite and make a political statement come May 14. Let's dump this administration and give Gloria a good whacking!


  1. Alan Peter Cayetano
  2. Chiz Escudero
  3. Sonia Roco
  4. Sonny Trillanes
  5. Koko Pimentel
  6. Noynoy Aquino
  7. Manny Villar
  8. Kiko Pangilinan
  9. Nikki Coseteng
  10. Ping Lacson
  11. Loren Legarda
  12. John Osmeña

To John Marzan, CJV, MLQ3 and the rest of the country, let's go kick some ass. (Yuko and Anna has jumped the gun and are campaigning hard for a 12-0 blast)