Sunday, February 25, 2007

21 Years And We're Back Where We Were

As Feb. 25 dawns on us, what have we have to show for after twenty one years? Nada,zilch, zero, nothing. We're back to square one and much even worse. We kicked a dictator out 21 years ago only to allow ourselves to be "ruled" by a more ruthless despot. It seems that the lesson we learned and those who gave up their lives have all been forgotten. Those who survived is scarred for life and could only ask themselves their sacrifices were worthless.

I am a martial law baby and was soon consumed by the call of freedom during the 80s. Youthful bravado, the adventure and reckless idealism is what we had back then. We all knew that Marcos will fall if only we united. That's what actually happened, the rich, the middle class and impoverished joined hands to kick the dictator out. Enrile, Ramos and the RAM boys may have accounted for something but the people are the true heroes of EDSA I. We protected their asses from Marcos. If the people did not heed Cardinal Sin's call, they would have been toast.

But the people where fed up with the Marcoses and it was just a matter of time before the polarized Filipinos moved as one. Cory was the sole figure that united the people. It was not Enrile or Gringo or even Ramos for that matter. They simply rode the rushing tide of the country's disgust. They ended up being protected by the people. The true People Power was a sight to see. A sea of people from all walks of life uniting and ending a dictatorship.

The EDSA Dos was not a genuine people power. It was muddled with self interests and a greed for power. It showed how a handful of people hungry for power was able to hoodwink a nation. It all but prostituted the sacred People Power. After the truth came out, the nation lost interest and entered an apathetic slumber.

Now this is where we are now, stuck in this quagmire of desperation. Leaderless, the people has no one to turn to. In essence, we are a people in limbo. We were stung by the Arroyo's corruption of the People Power and ended up apathetic. Anyone who tries to step up, is viewed with suspicion. This has allowed the Pidal's to do as they please that led to a culture of impunity which prevails now.

So where are we now? We are back where we started, our journey has led us back to the dark ages of our history. We are once again facing a monster from our past. Marcos knew how to play the people. He kept the people distracted long enough to allow him to commit his crimes. It is happening again today. GMA and her cohorts were able to carve the mindset of the Filipinos. She and her political tacticians were able to keep the majority of the nation disconnected with reality. They succeeded in making the people think of survival while they drive the country to the ground.

Looking back, I am saddened by how greed destroyed the spirit of EDSA I. Those who laid down their lives for a people who never cherished what they gave will long be forgotten. Will we allow their sacrifices to go to waste? Will the Filipinos ever wake up from their apathetic slumber? I hope they do before its too late. "Tyranny prevails, when the people do nothing"