Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Stupidity Of The House Moro-Moro

As expected by all, the (un)Ethics Committee wasted no time hammering Rep. Alan Peter Cayetano on the expulsion case filed by Mike Arroyo. Brandishing the supposed authentic certification from the officials of the Hypo VereinsBank, Arroyo's minions in the committee without blinking an eye, the scoundrels took it hook, line and sinker. Did the panel think that their moro-moro worked? Of course not, no launderer in his right mind would use his real name in an account which contains his loot.

They tried to demolish the young Cayetano's credibility, one even going as far as calling him an extortionist. We all knew from the start that the fishing expedition by the three stooges amounted to nothing. The bank as expected denied the existence of an Arroyo account. A seasoned launderer will use dummies, aliases and pseudonyms to hide his identity. Maybe the Arroyos thought that the people had forgotten the Jose Pidal scandal.

But the committee in all its stupidity could have done Rep. Cayetano more good than harm. They may have sealed his seat in the senate, thanks to the media, Rep. Cayetano looked more like the aggrieved party than Mike Arroyo. We all know how public sympathy can have an impact on ones candidacy. The Arroyos may have won the battle but have totally lost the war. The tyranny of numbers left a bad taste in the mouth of the viewing public. It further stoked the flames of an already simmering cauldron.

Probably realizing what they have done, the committee after holding an executive session, recommended a 45-day suspension for the embattled congressman. Smarting from how disgusted the people were from their Con-Ass shenanigan, the panel avoided kicking Rep. Cayetano out. The panel knew they were put in a bind, they had to save face. They need to make the Arroyos happy and at the same time clear the Arroyos already tarnished name. Mind you, its not their job to cleanse Mike Arroyos name.

Never have I seen a pack of wolves in barongs so rabid in defending the most unpopular personality in the Philippines today. To puke is an understatement. They turned the halls of congress not into a circus tent but a whore house. Frothing at the mouth, they showed the people what kind of legislators they all are. Its obvious now that they are not the true people's representatives but the defenders of the most hated family in the land. They truely have served their masters in the palace by the murky river.

They showed us that we the taxpaying deserve better. Instead of serving us who pay their wages and who give them their much desired pork barrels, they throw their undivided attention to a despotic family. Now you've all seen how your (mis)representatives work, are you still going to vote for them?