Sunday, February 11, 2007

Super Twins Of The Administration

While Erap had his Balato Twins, the administration's Unity Ticket has one of the Balato Twins and the Super Twins. Joker Arroyo and Ralph "Santos" Recto finally succumbed to the administration's mouthwatering offer. To the very end, the Super Twins continued to point out how they stood against the constitutional onslaught of the palace. But that is not the entire issue. The real issue is Gloria Arroyo and her band of terrorists.

So what if they fought GMA tooth and nail against the Con-Ass and the PI. They were out protecting their seats in the senate. So what if they exposed so many anomalies committed by this administration, they should have seen these scandals to the very end. So what if they fought against GMA's EOs, someone else could have done that, they just rode on the public outcry.

That truth of the matter is, they are only part of a collegial body. They were not alone in the fight. They were joined by the entire nation. They should not take credit for what is not truly theirs. We need closure on all issues, we don't need exposes and scandals. We cannot sit and wait while our country is run to the ground. We need to make our leaders accountable. Merely pointing out the illegalities does not cut it.

In the end, its all about money. Money and resources which these two need for their campaign. The opposition cannot promise them this, the most logical decision is to join the bandwagon of the incumbent who has the machinery to run their candidacy. Yes they won under GMA's ticket before, that was before this issue on GMA arose. Now let us see if GMA still has the magic or the witch's brew to win them their seats. She can always cheat again, can't she?