Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Bully Bullied

Well the new kid on the block did not back down from Mike Arroyo. I'm talking about Jake Macasaet's lawyer, Atty. Paul Arias. He really showed what he is made of by accepting Mike's challenge.

The challenge took place during Mike's cross examination on the libel case he filed against Jake. Apparently irked by Arias telling him to answer his question and not debate with him, Mike rose and said, "If you want, let's settle this outside." Arias did not back down and retorted, "Alright, let's settle this outside." This was in a courtroom and in a judge's presence. He should have been charged with contempt for such behavior. His chief of staff, Juris Soliman did not escape the judge's attention as she was sent out for uttering remarks after Atty. Arias complained.

He may have thought that he is still in the Congress Committee on Ethics where his lapdogs are around to protect him. The arrogance of this guy precedes him. He probably thought he can scare Arias but he obviously met his match. Time and again, Mike showed us how uncouth he is. He definitely does not deserve to be called a gentleman.

Even if in the end he apologized for losing his cool, he had already showed what he is made of. He's all gas and bullies his way about. His actions and foul mouth reflect the kind of breeding he has and such a person should not warrant any respect. He has exhibited his roughness and has no qualms about using expletives even in the presence of media or the general public for that matter.

Its justifiable to protect one's person but to push your weight around is another thing. He maybe Gloria's husband, but he ain't Gloria. He should know how to conduct himself properly. Its no wonder why some quarters see him as excess baggage for Gloria. Now Mike, how does it feel to be on the receiving end this time? Atty. Arias sure showed you he's got the balls to face you.

*More details from NEWSBREAK.