Tuesday, February 13, 2007

KAMPON And LAGAS - JdV's Rude Awakening

Despite the denials, one thing is obvious, the once vaunted LAKAS of Joe de Venecia has been decimated by GMA's political party, KAMPI. JdV's heart must in shreds as the biggest predator in Philippine politics has outsmarted him again. He can just sulk and console himself with memories of how formidable his party once was.

As the days pass, more and more of his supporters will be joining KAMPI. Being a seasoned politician, all he can do now is try to think where he went wrong. Obviously, GMA is more cunning than he is. What will happen now to the Rainbow Coalition? Will it finally fade away? The majority has been devoured by the KAMPON ni GMA. Soon he will be holding an almost empty bag and may have to rename his party, LAGAS.

The KAMPON will now be a force to reckon with and could very well be GMA's best defense. Could this e a prelude to GMA's perpetual stay in power? We all know that when her term expires in 2010, she needs a force that will ensure her "safety". The continuing exodus of party mates will definitely change the political landscape, at least in the lower house. JdV has lost his touch and depending on how the opposition performs in the midterm elections, LAKAS will cease to exist. But JdV may still reinvent himself and ally with the opposition just to send a message across.

JdV never really saw it coming. He was blindsided by the most vicious politician in the country today. He was taken for a ride, a ride the spelled his political demise. This is what happens when one becomes too ambitious, the greed for power led to complacency and now he has lost all he toiled for. He worked hard to make LAKAS one of the biggest most potent political party. It never occurred to him that he will be hoodwinked by a woman, a woman more greedy than he is.

He should have adhered to every politician's tenet, the here are no permanent friends in politics, only permanent interests. Well, this only show that no matter how politically sly one is, there is always some one more wily. It would be nice to see these two contenders battle it out for supremacy. And while they distract and destruct each other, the emerging opposition force might just pull the rug from under them. Now that is a sight to see.