Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Big Disappointment

I thought that the Magdalo had a principled vision. After hearing them support Manny Villar, all respect I had with them vanished. I thought they embodied change and an end to corruption. Obviously, they have less wisdom than I thought they had. They had me all along. My newspaper boy is more discerning than them. Despite the voluminous issues raised against Villar, the Magdalo claims that one of the basis they used is character. Unless you could turn a blind eye and condone corruption, you would really support Villar.

So it seems that change and an end to corruption was never in the Magdalo's agenda. It was more of how much power and influence they could wield. Of course with the likes of Villar who we all know commands a mastery of transactional politics, corruption is bound to grow even bigger. So what about the farmers whose lands were stolen by Villar? Does this mean that the Magdalo supports the practice of stealing from the poor? Villar has continuously ducked the issues thrown at him in the proper forums, is this Magdalo's concept of transparency? What about abusing one's position? Is this acceptable to the Magdalo as well? What kind of advocacy do they espouse?

They wanted to kick Gloria out because they said that she stole, lied and cheated. Yet here is a Manny Villar whose wealth rose drastically during his entire political career. Is the Magdalo selective in their principled stand? At least now they have shown their true colors. They are not what they say they are. They do not want reforms. They do not want change. They want someone who will cuddle them. What a waste of time and effort I devoted to campaigning for their leaders. They are no different from the generals whose integrity they questioned. Is this the vision of a principled gentleman?

I will drop them from my list. Sad to say, they had me fooled. They are no better than those they criticize. The way I see it, they would rather keep the status quo. With them, change is not forthcoming. Want the culture of corruption and impunity to continue, vote for Villar and his cabal. They'll give you change alright, change for the worst.