Friday, February 12, 2010

Nothing In This World Is Free

I'm curious how Manny Villar came to the conclusion that that his C-5 Ext. is free and gives road users an option of whether to to pay toll fees or to use a road for free. Villar's C-5 is not free. The national government will be the one to maintain this road. Where will the government get the Funds? It will get the funds from the taxpayers from Aparri to Jolo. It will not get the funds from the residents of Las Piñas or Cavite. To get to Villar's C-5, you will either pass through a narrow two lane street which is the Naga Rd. or pass through Zapote to Quirino Ave. if you're coming from Cavite.

Manny Villar is again lying. His C-5 is not free. At the end of the day, he is the biggest beneficiary here. His properties will increase their values. His profits from any sale in the area will definitely be bigger. While his wealth increases, we the taxpaying public will be sharing in the maintenance of his supposed to be excellent project. Villar always uses the people to mask the truth that all his road projects were designed to benefit him.

I'd like to ask him why he chose to propose the C-5 project instead of developing the EVACOM-CAA Rd. Instead? For decades, this stretch of road which links Parañaque and Las Piñas has been used by residents of both cities. All this road needs is a little widening and concreting. The CAA Rd. exits the Alabang-Zapote Rd. whic has several access points to Muntinlupa and Cavite. Wouldn't it be a move viable option than constructing a new road which has very congested entry and Exit points? Wouldn't it be less expensive to develop because there is already an existing road? I'm very sure that it wouldn't cost P6 billion to upgrade this area. Why didn't he push for this instead? The answer of course is that he will not benefit from it. His properties will remain cheap and undeveloped.

Just like the case of his another beneficial project, Daang-hari, the C-5 is a good of example of how to make money off the government and the taxpayer. There are no freebies in any government infrastructure. We all fund these projects. Our taxes pay for their construction and upkeep. As a congressman and senator, Villar had abused his position for his personal gain. As president, I shudder at what he is capable of doing. If you ask me, I wouldn't give him the chance.