Friday, February 12, 2010

He Was Too Busy With His C-5

Located in Pamplona, The Las Piñas High School is in need of a new building that would accommodate its growing population. Las Piñas has the same problem that plagues the entire nation, it lacks classrooms. While NGOs have taken up some of the slack, their limited funding simply cannot address the shortage. This also the reason why some children have given up their education. There are simply no facilities to accommodate them. Sure there is a shortage of teachers but the fact of the matter is that with no facilities, the education system wouldn't work. Kids will simply lose interest and would rather seek ways to help their parents to survive the daily grind.

Three years ago, construction of a new high school building in Pamplona was undertaken. Today, the shell of the new building stands unfinished. Students had to be content with pursuing their education in makeshift classrooms which are poorly ventilated and cramp as well. With the Villars sitting in congress and the senate, why does this building remain unfinished? I'm sure their PDAFs can easily fund this project. How can Manny Villar's ad say that he will bring education ro rhose who want it? Totoo bang mapag-aaral ka niya? I suppose that his C-5 was more important than the education of his constituents. Here are the pictures, I'll let it speak for itself.

The photos will show the unfinished building in the background and the makeshift classroom in the foreground.