Thursday, February 04, 2010

Hindi Kami Tanga

The minority in the senate decided to BOYCOTT the session yesterday. This did not only anger their colleagues but the public as well. As damage control, Villar's spin doctor, Alan Peter Cayetano came out to clarify or justify their action. First he said that they did not boycott the session but just wanted to prevent the Pagcor and Telcos resolutions from being railroaded. Nobody bought his story. So this afternoon, he added more to his statements last night. He said it was not a boycott but a strategy of the minority to as fiscalizers of the senate. Still nobody took the bait.

He then threw a monkey wrench into the fray. He insinuated that the Liberal Party is colluding with Gloria. Duh? I cannot imagine the likes of Mar Roxas, Noynoy Aquino or even Pong Biazon to make a deal with GMA. If memory serves me right, Alan and Pia Cayetano were part of Gloria's K-4. Pimentel even held the mic for Gloria during her inauguration in 2001. He can't admit that their ploy backfired. It was all about the Villar Ethics case and nothing else. They were the ones politicking and not the majority. They did this all for Villar's glory.

The people saw through the real issue. Villar is trying to hide the truth from the Filipino people. They are being paid by our taxes to work and not to protect a crook. Several important bills will now have to wait until the new congress is formed. Cayetano can say whatever he wants but the people will never accept any of his alibis. His loyalty is not with the people whom he is supposed to serve but to a corrupt colleague who wants to own the Philippines.

Cayetano and his kind should never be elected again. They are the kind of politicians who ride on issues to get elected and then foget their covenant with the people. These are the traditional politicians that we should kick out of office. Their only concern is their personal interests and nothing else. To hell with the RH bill or the Freedom of Information bill. Villar's neck was more important to them. The majority did not have the numbers to seal Villar's fate. They knew that and still they did not show up. They did not want to committee report to be discussed.

Manny Villar and his cohorts made a tactical blunder. They have stoked the fire instead of extinguishing it. He will now have to face the public. This will really cost him. He'll have to spend more to undo the damage their miscalculation caused. Maybe this time someone will question his spending with the Comelec. Poor Manny, this could be the beginning of the end for him. You see Mr. Villar, HINDI KAMI MGA TANGA!