Friday, February 05, 2010

The Real Villars

I have been hearing stories from people how the Villars got rich. I simply dismissed these as hearsay. But last December, a concerned citizen sent me some documents to prove that these stories were true. In fact, as early as July last year, the issue about the case had been circulating. The case is about a land dispute wherein the Villar's Optimum Development bank, the Bangko Sentral and private entities were involved.

This anonymous tipster sent me documents about the case. What I thought was a simple land dispute was even more complicated. It included fraud and what I think is a collusion between Optimum and some Bangko Sentral officials. I still have yet to find the people behind this case. What I know is that the person involved in this case is now in hiding. I wa also told that CB officials are mum on the case.

I'm publishing these documents for your appreciation. I leave it to you if you find it credible or not. You may just be as shocked as I was.