Thursday, February 18, 2010

Nabawi Na kasi

I heard Gilbert Remulla say "na walang babawiin si Manny Villar" when asked about Villar's enormous campaign spending. I first asked myself if this can be true and not another empty statement. After giving it some thought, I came to the conclusion that this maybe true. With the investments Villar's listed company got, I'm sure it is more than enough to run his campaign and those he included in his slate. After all, the SEC gave him full rein by exempting Vista Land from SEC's holding period.

Of course he has also amassed great wealth through his years in politics. Just imagine how like a phoenix, he was able to rise from the ashes of bankruptcy when he became house speaker and then senate president. He even brags that he has no liabilities. With his influence and PDAF, he was able to legally rob the country's coffers. His stint with the LRC has much to do with his success. I wonder how many people lost their lands to Villar?

Road projects that ran through his estates also contributed to his wealth. Not only did these increase his properties' values, the government had to pay him right-of-way fees. Add of course the parties with vested interests that contributed to his campaign kitty throughout his political career, he definitely does not need to recover his spending. He has enough saved for his very comfortable retirement.

So Remulla's claims maybe true. Wala na ngang babawiin si Villar. Should he lose the presidential race, his properties' increased value would be enough to give him a fresh start. The government also has yet to pay for some of the right=of-way fees due him. Wala na nga siyang babawiin, nabawi na niya. But then again, if he wins, that's when the real party would begins. His companies will have a field day. I'm sure his wealth will surge. No need to steal, he can do it legally just like how he amassed his riches. Better check your land titles, you may lose them faster than a blink of an eye. As for the poor, he can always feed them with empty promises.