Thursday, January 10, 2008

Gov. Ed Panlilio's Revolution

Its the a new year and what better way to start it with renewal. Fr. Ed "Among" Panlilio surprised the trapos of Pampanga when he trounced them in the polls. The priest had no machinery to boast of, what he had is his flock. People tired of traditional politics went out of their way to campaign for Among Ed. It was a lesson that all should learn.

Pampanga have been suffering for decades under politicians whose greed is insatiable. Many have tried to change the culture but came out short. Fr. Panlilio walked the path less traveled. He was a lowly voice in a wilderness filled with trials and evil. His fight was laughed at by those who wielded power and had wells of money. While gambling money flowed and corruption lorded over the province, people finally saw the chance for change.

Among Ed won despite the pressures exerted on the people. The province ravaged by Pinatubo can now look to a brighter future. His crusade for good governance and genuine public service. But change was a bitter pill to swallow for the corrupt. He now finds himself now embroiled in a power struggle with his local officials. Obviously, they were the hardest hit by the changes trying to be instituted by the governor.

They all ganged up on Among Ed when he exposed the bribery in Malacañang. They all hailed their queen and rised to protect her. Just like their president, their greed is insatiable. Among Ed exposed how humongous the kickbacks the greedy officials are getting out of quarrying. Although Pinatubo devastated the province, she had a gift for those she hurt. Pinatubo's ashes is Pampanga's goldmine. With everyday that passes, Gov. Panlilio slowly exposes how big his officials pocketing.

With the exposés, the people now realize how they are being robbed blind by the very people that swore to serve them. They have suffering for so long. Their leaders were the culprits all along. These hoodlums have been fooling their constituents. all the while, the people thought that have been eternally damned into a life of poverty. Gov. Panlilio has set the bar to a higher level. The people comes first and it's but proper that they get the biger chunk of the pie.

Gov. Panlilio has shown that good governance and transparency leads to a better life for Pampanga. I hope that he will overcome the onslaught of the greedy and corrupt. If I were the people of Pampanga, it's time to rise up and tell their leaders, enough is enough and if possible, physically throw these officials out of their province. This is the only way Pampanga can redeem itself from the virus Gloria and her Pampanga connection is trying to spread.

Join Among Ed's crusade HERE.


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