Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Boy Is The Father Of The Man

Speaker Jose de Venecia should face the fact that in politics there are no permanent friends but only permanent interests. As the imbroglio in the lower house reaches its peak, the best thing for JdV to do is to let it go. No use trying to stop the inevitable. He will be ousted come hell or high water. His ouster has become personal. Despite Gloria's denial that the palace is not involved in the ouster bid, the fact remains that the Arroyos have an ax to grind with the de Venecias.

The rift began when JdV's son Joey exposed Mike Arroyo's role in the scrapped ZTE-NBN deal. Now the entire Arroyo family has joined the fray. Along with JdV's treacherous allies, JdV's speakership is about to end. I don't mind a trad-pol being kicked out, but the pretender is no better. Boy Nograles has his eyes set on the speakership. It has now come down to the nastiest of coups. Nograles has been JdV's staunchest ally I suppose JdV now knows what it feels like to be Caesar.

The old man can still outdo himself. With his long relation with Gloria and the tons of dirt he has on her, he can still do a lot of damage even if he is ousted. My advice to him is cut out quickly and let the Arroyos swim in their shit. No use fighting fair, trad-pols like him should know that. Fight dirt with muck. If one cuts off your hand, cut her off her arm. If Gloria thinks she can survive it, then take away her legs as well. Gloria has always been known to say one thing and do another, this may cost her big time. It's best to keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

The best that JdV can do is learn a thing or two from his son, Joey. Joey went against the Goliaths and they are clearly shaken. He had exposed enough to hurt Gloria, JdV with his long dealing with the Arroyos can do more damage. Forget that he maybe implicated as well, Filipinos love whistle-blowers. He may get out of this unscathed and even be hailed as a hero. JdV may still reinvent himself and smell good with the people. C'mon Mr. Speaker, it's time to abandon Gloria and throw caution to the wind. To finally nail the Arroyos would leave a lasting legacy.

Learn from the boy. What the boy does in his youth makes the man. It maybe a wrong analogy but from the looks of it, Joey has outshone his father. He seems more like a father teaching his son the right thing to do.