Monday, January 07, 2008

Halitosis Ni Gloria

I suppose it has not dawned on Malacañang what happened in last year's midterm elections. They now boast that GMA's anointed one in 2010 would have a breath of life. This early, names have been floated and I can only hope that the one she endorses has a full head on his shoulders and thinks twice.

With Gloria's popularity in the gutters and her trust rating in the sewer, she is the last person any aspirant would want to be their endorser. Her virus is far-reaching and everything or anyone she touches disintegrates into immorality. Without vote-buying and massive cheating, her candidates in the last elections would not have won. Take the case of the senator from Maguindanao, Migz Zubiri. He could never win but with the entire cheating machinery of the COMELEC, he stole his way into office.

Its funny how Malacañang's spin doctors would try to distort the truth. Living in their own enchanted kingdom, they live and believe in the lies they themselves made. The last years of Gloria will be highly incredulous and politicized. They will dream up tales of grandeur and success. They will even try to sell us stories of progress and a balanced budget. In politics, the administration will try to do everything and use its machinery to get a friendly president elected. To have a "rebellious" one will spell disaster for her and her gang.

All she has is air, very bad air and it spells disaster. The next question is not who she will endorse but if there will be elections. The Cha-Cha is being revived and I am sure that that the administration will say that it will be a "breath of new life" for the country. We've been living in her stink for six years. Please pass me a face mask quick, I'm not about allow her to kill me with her bad breath.