Monday, January 28, 2008


An urgent call for help was relayed to e by Fjordan Allego of Hiraya. It concerns a Leukemia patient who is in dire need of blood transfusion. I am publishing here the original request of Kat Cartagena. I appeal to you to please help this young man. Thank you in advance.

"Dear all,

I know u all have busy schedules... Still, we are asking for a little bit of your time. Because our batchmate and friend, Joven Bico is suffering from Leukemia. He already surpassed his first chemo. But he badly needs blood transfusion, any blood type would do. He's currently at UST hospital, please proceed to UST Blood Bank to donate. We really need your help.

Just contact me, Kat Cartagena (09275160871) and the patient’s brother (09164563828) for any help.

Thank you so much,


Please help us... thanks in advance and God bless.