Monday, January 14, 2008

The True Beneficiaries Of Charter Change

The administration has resurrected Cha-Cha in the guise of achieving peace in Mindanao. They have now found the perfect reason to shift to a parliamentary system. They have now have more space to maneuver. The Moro rebellion has been going on for decades. The root cause is their claim of their ancestral lands. We all know that migrants have slowly pushed the Moros into the hills, taking their land in the process.

Mindanao have remained unconquered for centuries. Through the years, their leaders power have waned. What are left are warlords and the rich politicians. These groups managed to reduce Mindanao to their own little kingdoms. They rule with iron fists and the law is the gun in their hands. They strike fear in the hearts of the people that what they say must be followed by all.

A good example is how they manage to control the riches of the region. From minerals to other resources, they control everything. But despite these bounties, Mindanao remains underdeveloped and poverty rules the day. This is the reason why these groups have managed to control the Moros. Gloria is doing the same to the country. The people are too busy surviving that they will not have time to make her accountable for crimes she has committed.

There are however pockets of resistance that are untouched by the lords of abuse. Still, these pockets of resistance cannot fully takeoff and are careful not to earn the ire of the lords. Unless they want whatever wealth they have be taken away, they would rather sway with the wind.

Now the lords and Malacañang have formed an alliance. Imagine if they could finally succeed with their main goal, to get the elusive Cha-Cha they both desire. With charter change, the lords can finally rule Mindanao unmolested. They will wield powers that would not leave anything for the people. And of course, with Cha-Cha, Gloria will now be immune from the crimes she committed. Both parties can now go on with their shenanigans and the people will have to bear the brunt.

The goals of the Moro rebellion has changed. Many of their so-called rebels are nothing but mercenaries of some politician or warlord. They can now control even the minds of the people. Gloria of course will have a field day. She and her band of marauders can continue raiding our coffers. They can now spend to their hearts' content while the people live miserably.

The true beneficiaries of charter change is not you and me or our brothers in the south. The power brokers are the ones that will benefit the most if not, the only beneficiaries. Charter change is not for the people or the country, it is for the warlords and politicians who would like to rule like kings and queens. This is the kind of "democracy" they want and hope they can get away with. Let us not allow them to tear this country apart with their greed and lust for power.