Monday, January 07, 2008

Extension For What?

Hermogenes Esperon is one thick-faced individual. A true officer and a gentleman will not boast nor even utter a word to promote himself. Gloria's bodyguard is nearing the end of his questionable career. Because he thinks he is Gloria's favorite ass, he is now lobbying to get an extension. He cloaks his desire to stay on with everybody's favorite line, "to sustain the momentum". The only thing that has been gaining momentum is the free-fall the military has been in since Gloria took office.

Esperon is no soldier, he is a mercenary. He got his position because he forgot what the Philippine Military Academy taught him. A true soldier will never cheat, he cheated for Gloria and that's how he got his rank. He's no better than a rat as he ratted on idealistic soldiers whose only desire was to have genuine reforms. He is nothing but a rotten egg and the UP students dramatized that by throwing eggs at him. He never retaliated because he knew what he is. I suppose he hasn't saved enough unlike Angelo Reyes who has a mansion that could be seen from the last three holes of the navy's golf course.

He did not accomplish anything in his stint as chief of staff. If he had, loyalty checks wouldn't be necessary just to make sure that Gloria is safe. He managed to destroy the military institution. Under his watch, people now view the military as an abuser of human rights and oppressor. The military has been reduced to a group of automatons bereft of wisdom and reason. Those who dare question are quickly dealt with in the severest fashion.

Like his master, justice and the rule of law are not followed. Just take the case of dozens of personnel incarcerated without charges being filed. If not for the vigilant media, those in Camp Capinpin would not have gotten a fair shake. To this day, the kangaroo court he created has failed to prosecute those implicated in the failed withdrawal of support because there simply was no case.

I suppose he will get the extension he seeks because Gloria still needs him. If that happens, the incompetence in the military leadership will continue. How many families must be orphaned because the military's leadership is too busy protecting GMA? I would rather have a military that thinks than one who allows itself to be used by personalities whose only agenda is to instill fear and rape the country blind. With Esperon, dreams of a professional army can never be realized. The military will continue to be tools of oppression and abuse, its leaders would sell the force to the highest bidder.

Corruption will not stop as he has to keep the top-brass happy while the lowly soldier will have to make do with poor equipment and scraps. While his gang lives in comfort, the lowly soldier sits in his muddy foxhole eating supplies he bought himself. While their children get the best education, the lowly soldier's children will have to make do with what the government can offer. Soldiers will continue to die to the arms their leaders sold to the rebels.

Soldiering is an advocacy. One puts his life on the line for people, country and flag. It never said to protect a corrupt regime nor did it say to protect Gloria. Esperon has nothing to back his lobbying for an extension. His only accomplishment is keeping Gloria in power and disgracing the armed forces. I'd gladly give him an extension, an extension cord to hang himself for disgracing the uniform he wears.