Wednesday, January 16, 2008


The Public Attorneys Office have been harping on the pardon of the thirteen soldiers convicted of murdering Sen. Benigno Aquino. The Dept. of Justice is saying that priest killer and cannibal, Norberto Manero could be released soon. And had it not been for a vigilant media, child rapist Romeo Jalosjos would have been a free man. Is this kind of people we Filipinos would like to see walking among us? Hell NO!

While Gloria is issuing pardons left and right, there are minors as young as five years old languishing in our jails. These kids have ran afoul with the law due to lack of parental guidance, love, desperation and hunger. There are even cases as petty as stealing a pair of slippers to stealing a can of sardines. Had it not been for, as usual, intrepid media, these minors would still be locked up with hardened criminals making rehabilitation impossible. Only recently was a law passed directing the Bureau of Corrections and Penology to turn over these minors to the care of the Dept. of Social Welfare and Development.

Now we have these supposed to be defenders of justice and human rights asking for compassion for criminals who have committed far more severe crimes. These lawyers should rethink their calls for compassion as the victims in these cases have to endure a lifetime of pain. We still hear of sixty, seventy and even eighty year olds who rape molest and kill their victims. Are we to accept the reason that they are nearing the end of their lives? Hell NO!

Its unjust to be so hard on minor offenders and be very lenient on adults who have a mature understanding of what they did. How stupid can these assholes be? Their positions in society dictates that they be prudent and sensitive to the plight of all. High profile cases are often tickets to "stardom" that some hungry lawyers take just to make a name for themselves.

I hope that everyone reflects on what is happening to our society. Before we ask for anything, we must view everything in its proper perspective. There is a world of difference between compassion and justice. Compassion is not only to the old but to the youngest offenders as well. Desperation leads to crime, at least in the case of many of our minor offenders. But to those who are old enough to understand what the consequences of their crimes are, let the full weight of the law bear on them.