Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Bully Bullied

Well the new kid on the block did not back down from Mike Arroyo. I'm talking about Jake Macasaet's lawyer, Atty. Paul Arias. He really showed what he is made of by accepting Mike's challenge.

The challenge took place during Mike's cross examination on the libel case he filed against Jake. Apparently irked by Arias telling him to answer his question and not debate with him, Mike rose and said, "If you want, let's settle this outside." Arias did not back down and retorted, "Alright, let's settle this outside." This was in a courtroom and in a judge's presence. He should have been charged with contempt for such behavior. His chief of staff, Juris Soliman did not escape the judge's attention as she was sent out for uttering remarks after Atty. Arias complained.

He may have thought that he is still in the Congress Committee on Ethics where his lapdogs are around to protect him. The arrogance of this guy precedes him. He probably thought he can scare Arias but he obviously met his match. Time and again, Mike showed us how uncouth he is. He definitely does not deserve to be called a gentleman.

Even if in the end he apologized for losing his cool, he had already showed what he is made of. He's all gas and bullies his way about. His actions and foul mouth reflect the kind of breeding he has and such a person should not warrant any respect. He has exhibited his roughness and has no qualms about using expletives even in the presence of media or the general public for that matter.

Its justifiable to protect one's person but to push your weight around is another thing. He maybe Gloria's husband, but he ain't Gloria. He should know how to conduct himself properly. Its no wonder why some quarters see him as excess baggage for Gloria. Now Mike, how does it feel to be on the receiving end this time? Atty. Arias sure showed you he's got the balls to face you.

*More details from NEWSBREAK.


Sunday, February 25, 2007

21 Years And We're Back Where We Were

As Feb. 25 dawns on us, what have we have to show for after twenty one years? Nada,zilch, zero, nothing. We're back to square one and much even worse. We kicked a dictator out 21 years ago only to allow ourselves to be "ruled" by a more ruthless despot. It seems that the lesson we learned and those who gave up their lives have all been forgotten. Those who survived is scarred for life and could only ask themselves their sacrifices were worthless.

I am a martial law baby and was soon consumed by the call of freedom during the 80s. Youthful bravado, the adventure and reckless idealism is what we had back then. We all knew that Marcos will fall if only we united. That's what actually happened, the rich, the middle class and impoverished joined hands to kick the dictator out. Enrile, Ramos and the RAM boys may have accounted for something but the people are the true heroes of EDSA I. We protected their asses from Marcos. If the people did not heed Cardinal Sin's call, they would have been toast.

But the people where fed up with the Marcoses and it was just a matter of time before the polarized Filipinos moved as one. Cory was the sole figure that united the people. It was not Enrile or Gringo or even Ramos for that matter. They simply rode the rushing tide of the country's disgust. They ended up being protected by the people. The true People Power was a sight to see. A sea of people from all walks of life uniting and ending a dictatorship.

The EDSA Dos was not a genuine people power. It was muddled with self interests and a greed for power. It showed how a handful of people hungry for power was able to hoodwink a nation. It all but prostituted the sacred People Power. After the truth came out, the nation lost interest and entered an apathetic slumber.

Now this is where we are now, stuck in this quagmire of desperation. Leaderless, the people has no one to turn to. In essence, we are a people in limbo. We were stung by the Arroyo's corruption of the People Power and ended up apathetic. Anyone who tries to step up, is viewed with suspicion. This has allowed the Pidal's to do as they please that led to a culture of impunity which prevails now.

So where are we now? We are back where we started, our journey has led us back to the dark ages of our history. We are once again facing a monster from our past. Marcos knew how to play the people. He kept the people distracted long enough to allow him to commit his crimes. It is happening again today. GMA and her cohorts were able to carve the mindset of the Filipinos. She and her political tacticians were able to keep the majority of the nation disconnected with reality. They succeeded in making the people think of survival while they drive the country to the ground.

Looking back, I am saddened by how greed destroyed the spirit of EDSA I. Those who laid down their lives for a people who never cherished what they gave will long be forgotten. Will we allow their sacrifices to go to waste? Will the Filipinos ever wake up from their apathetic slumber? I hope they do before its too late. "Tyranny prevails, when the people do nothing"


Friday, February 23, 2007

Two Rocks and A Sore Head

Now that the Melo Report is out, the AFP now assails its credibility. After UNHRC rapporteur Philip Alston said the the AFP is in a state of denial, it seems that the AFP is in such as state. How can the two investigations be untrue? With the government backed Oplan Bantay Laya, the numbers of killings and forced disappearances increased. But both the Melo Report and Mr. Alston's may have missed the mark by a mile. They both declared that GMA does not have a hand in this and its solely the military who is to be blamed.

Wasn't it GMA who declared an all-out war on the insurgency? Did she not give additional funding to the military? I could understand Mr. Alton's remarks. Being a rapporteur of the UN, its but diplomatic and courteous for him to refrain from implicating GMA outright. And his final report on what he gathered from his 10-day investigation is yet to be finished. He could end up blaming GMA in the end.

The Melo Commission on the other hand had enough time to conduct an earnest investigation despite uncooperative witnesses. The AFP and the administration has ganged up on Alston, with the rabid DoJ Secretary having a mouthful for the rapporteur. Esperon meanwhile denies being in the "state of denial". Malacañang too has expressed its disapproval and dismay of the two investigations. Wasn't it GMA who praised Palparan during her SONA last year. So what are they crying about?

Isn't it ironic that the person who formed the Melo Commission and "invited" the UNHRC rapporteur now finds herself in hot water? The New York court found Marcos liable for extra-judicial killings during his reign. The court used the doctrine of command responsibility, he being the commander-in-chief. This could be used against GMA in a court case. The insistence of Esperon that the Communists are guilty too is total stupidity. Esperon should be reminded that the NPAs are working outside the framework of the law and are in fact branded as terrorists. Its the state's duty to protect the people, stupid!

I suppose that the belief that activists are "considered" enemies of the administration has cultivated a "Let Them Kill Each Other" mindset which to the military is just fine. So the purges that Esperon and the administration say are NPA initiated should be addressed by the government after all. They are still the legal defenders of human rights. These are still killings that warrant justice for the aggrieved parties, mga bobo!

I can only laugh at how GMA had picked up two rocks to bash her head with. She thought that the Melo Commission can be dictated upon and go along with her Moro-moro. Well, it proved to be independent after all despite the public's apprehension. And even her "hospitality" did not deter Mr. Alston from pointing to her dogs as culprits and willing bystanders. The truth has many ways of exposing its head, in this case, GMA's head.


Tuesday, February 20, 2007

KABATAAN: The Youth Now Has A Voice

Finally, the youth has a voice to represent their ideals. Its about time we old folks stand back and listen to what our kids have to say. The trapos had been using the old cliche that our children are our future, well folks, here they are. For the second time in Philippine politics would the youth attempt step into the lion's den or should I say the den of thieves.

The trapos should be wary as the youth packs a mean punch. With a representation in congress, the youth will no longer watch from the sidelines as adults play poker with their future. They can now actively participate in shaping their very own destiny. Let me introduce the KABATAAN to you, here is a backgrounder.

KABATAAN Partylist is the largest youth party in the country that will represent the youth sector in the 2007 elections.

This will be the second time for the party to run in the partylist elections. In 2004, it was the sole youth party that participated in the elections under its previous name Ang Nagkakaisang Kabataan Para sa Sambayanan or Anak ng Bayan Youth Partylist.

Anak ng Bayan was among the top choices for partylist based on pre-election surveys (Pulse Asia, SWS). However, the partylist fell prey to massive vote shaving. A significant number of its votes were anomalously counted in favor of another partylist group. It was just 35,000 votes short of clinching one seat in the Lower House.

Despite being cheated of electoral victory, the party went on with its advocacies and continued to carry on with the partylist’s principles and general program of action.

Together with some of its founding organizations such as the National Union of Students, College Editors Guild, the League of Filipino Students, Student Christian Movement of the Philippines, Anakbayan and Kabataang Artisa para sa Tunay na Kalayaan (KARATULA), it vigorously campaigned for youth and students’ interests and demands concerning education and employment.

Kabataan partylist remains at the forefront of youth and students’ campaigns against unabated tuition and miscellaneous fee increases, for higher state subsidy for education, adequate jobs for new graduates, the defense and recognition of human rights and civil liberties which include consumer rights and the right to health, and the protection and conservation of national patrimony. It continues to give primacy to the promotion of holistic development and genuine youth empowerment through volunteer work, leadership and skills training and other activities that cater to the needs and interests of young Filipinos.

Drawing inspiration from great youth leaders and the first youth party in the Philippines, Young Philippines, KABATAAN Partylist is determined to place the first youth sectoral representative in Congress and reaffirm the youth’s vanguard role and leadership in social transformation and nation building.

In this time of corrupt governance and political unrest/instability, the nation needs young, vibrant and innovative minds that will restore integrity and morality in governance and lead the nation to genuine progress and social change.

With its new brand of politics – politics of hope, struggle and change - KABATAAN Partylist ushers in a new era for Philippine politics, away from the kind of leadership that traditional politicians and dynasties have for the longest time instilled in government.

This coming elections, we vote for honest officials, for principled leadership and for change. Now more than ever is the time for the youth to be involved

Our future IS our choice. Kabataan, pag-asa ng bayan. Tayo naman sa kongreso!

To get a better grasp of what KABATAAN can offer, you can find it HERE.


Pepito Cayetano's Other Lawyers

Oliver Lozano first introduced a Joselito Pepito "Peter" Cayetano a few weeks ago. He said that Peter will be running under the Kilusang Bagong Lipunan (KBL) for senator. This sent Alan Peter Cayetano, a senatorial candidate of the opposition crying foul. Alan has questioned the candidacy of Pepito with the COMELEC. What behooves me is how quickly COMELEC resolved the protest.

Sources say that people close to this Pepito calls him Jo or Jojo. I myself would tend to agree with Alan that this Pepito actually is is a fraud. He is obviously being used by someone to ruin his candidacy. The nickname Peter obiously is quite far from Joselito or even Pepito. Has the COMELEC lost all its logic or is Abalos part of a conspiracy to take Alan Peter out? Common sense tends to point to the latter.

Another mystery is why this Pepito would only face the media in the presence of a lawyer. If he is a capable candidate, there is no need for a "coach" by his side. Another intriguing aspect of this idiotic affair is Rep. Imee Marcos's denial that this Pepito is a member of the KBL. Now obviously someone is lying here. I wouldn't take Lozano's word outright if I were the COMELEC. Imee's statement carries more weight as she is the daughter of the founder of the KBL.

Lozano has been criticized for being an alleged political mercenary of the administration. His zealousness led to the junking of GMA's first impeachment. Alan has every right to protest as some unseen hand seems to be orchestrating the move to take him out of the senatorial race. We would recall how Alan had earned the ire of El Esposo Pidal. Since he failed to get Alan expelled from congress, the next logical thing to do is to try to derail his candidacy.

Now enters Abalos in the picture. Looking piqued by Alan assertions, Abalos was heard uttering, "siya kaya ang imbestigahan ko?" Now, I wouldn't want to be in Atty. James Jimenez's shoes, this latest statement of Abalos really leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Atty. Jimenez has to defend Abalo's unethical threat. He shouldn't dismiss Alan's protest just like that with a threat to boot. Since Imee had already declared that Pepito is not a KBL member, Abalos should now start his investigation in earnest. To disregard evidences presented by Alan and the statement of Imee will show that he should step down as he had compromised the COMELEC's impartiality.

Alan's woes does not end there as the third lawyer for Pepito has surface. This case is turning into a comedy which isn't funny. Dept. of Justice secretary now has opened a new page in this novel. He intends to investigate Alan for being an American citizen. Alan is on his third term in the lower house, isn't it stupid to investigate his citizenship now? The administration had used this gimmick against Fernando Poe, Jr. in the 2004 presidential elections. The ploy blew up in their faces as it was proven that their witnessed tampered Poe's records. I could very well be the same for Alan.

I'd love to see how this story unfolds. It could spell disaster for the COMELEC and the administration. The way I see it, there seems to be a real conspiracy to take Alan Peter Cayetano out.


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Giving Gloria A Good Whacking

Well, its high time the disgruntled people of the Philippines show this despotic regime who the real boss is. Its time that we show GMA how fed up we really are of how she is running this country to the ground. Let this midterm elections be the turning point and the start of the end for the Pidals.

She wants the people to forget the past and move on. But with so many questions left unanswered, we will never move forward. Let us not forget that we should learn from the past or else be bound to repeat the mistakes we committed. She must be made accountable for the lying, the cheating, the stealing and the killings. We must not allow her to take the country down with her. The Pidals and their minions must face the music.

I must admit that I'm not fond of some of the Grand Coalition's candidates, but heck, its time to give Gloria a piece of my mind. Even just to spite this moral pygmy, I will throw my lot with the opposition. The issue really is Gloria and no one else. I must respect however the views of others. We live in a democracy and we cannot impose our will on others. Its still their choice and its their vote.

I however will be turning a blind eye just this once. I AM VOTING 12 - 0 FOR THE OPPOSITION SLATE. I don't want any of GMA's gang sneaking in. I hope we all unite and make a political statement come May 14. Let's dump this administration and give Gloria a good whacking!


  1. Alan Peter Cayetano
  2. Chiz Escudero
  3. Sonia Roco
  4. Sonny Trillanes
  5. Koko Pimentel
  6. Noynoy Aquino
  7. Manny Villar
  8. Kiko Pangilinan
  9. Nikki Coseteng
  10. Ping Lacson
  11. Loren Legarda
  12. John Osmeña

To John Marzan, CJV, MLQ3 and the rest of the country, let's go kick some ass. (Yuko and Anna has jumped the gun and are campaigning hard for a 12-0 blast)


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

KAMPON And LAGAS - JdV's Rude Awakening

Despite the denials, one thing is obvious, the once vaunted LAKAS of Joe de Venecia has been decimated by GMA's political party, KAMPI. JdV's heart must in shreds as the biggest predator in Philippine politics has outsmarted him again. He can just sulk and console himself with memories of how formidable his party once was.

As the days pass, more and more of his supporters will be joining KAMPI. Being a seasoned politician, all he can do now is try to think where he went wrong. Obviously, GMA is more cunning than he is. What will happen now to the Rainbow Coalition? Will it finally fade away? The majority has been devoured by the KAMPON ni GMA. Soon he will be holding an almost empty bag and may have to rename his party, LAGAS.

The KAMPON will now be a force to reckon with and could very well be GMA's best defense. Could this e a prelude to GMA's perpetual stay in power? We all know that when her term expires in 2010, she needs a force that will ensure her "safety". The continuing exodus of party mates will definitely change the political landscape, at least in the lower house. JdV has lost his touch and depending on how the opposition performs in the midterm elections, LAKAS will cease to exist. But JdV may still reinvent himself and ally with the opposition just to send a message across.

JdV never really saw it coming. He was blindsided by the most vicious politician in the country today. He was taken for a ride, a ride the spelled his political demise. This is what happens when one becomes too ambitious, the greed for power led to complacency and now he has lost all he toiled for. He worked hard to make LAKAS one of the biggest most potent political party. It never occurred to him that he will be hoodwinked by a woman, a woman more greedy than he is.

He should have adhered to every politician's tenet, the here are no permanent friends in politics, only permanent interests. Well, this only show that no matter how politically sly one is, there is always some one more wily. It would be nice to see these two contenders battle it out for supremacy. And while they distract and destruct each other, the emerging opposition force might just pull the rug from under them. Now that is a sight to see.


Monday, February 12, 2007

Of Payoffs And The Economy

Talk of bribes paid to senatorial bets had been going around for the past weeks. Use of aircrafts and even shouldering of campaign expenses had been mentioned. There was even mention of actual figures, P100-150Million. And these amounts are given upfront. Its no wonder that even those allied with Erap were lured to jump the fence and join the administration's so called Unity Ticket.

The power of the incumbent and its machinery will be bearing on the opposition with all its might. The midterm elections will be the most expensive one to date. What about the funding for administration's cohorts in the lower house? For sure they will be asking for funds too. GMA needs to win both houses to save her neck. Surely, dirty money will be flowing, no doubt about it.

This early, she had been dragging with her the M&Ms, not the candy but Mike and Migz (the supposed to be bright boys with misdirected principles). To spoil the opposition's chances, they are fielding namesakes. Some had said that this will be the dirtiest elections yet. With the tactics the administration had been employing, it is turning out to be one.

Trillions of pesos will be poured into this elections. Their cheating operators will be very busy and greedy. Promotions and appointments had allowed the administration to put in place the best frauds in the land. While Garci may have retired, his army of cheats have been given new posts with matching promotions. With the automation put on hold, who knows what these cheats have in store for us.

The opposition however lacks funding. This is the reason why their (un)principled allies joined the administration. Businessmen wouldn't dare support the opposition for fear of reprisal from the present dispensation. We all know how the administration uses the institutions at getting back at its opponents. Nobody is safe from the long arms of the (un)lawful.

But let's go back to the bribes. Let's be conservative and peg it at P100M. That's P100M x 12 candidates = P1.2Billion, add the cost of advertising which could be another P1.2Billion, that's a huge chunk of the National Budget for 2007. It could have been put to good use. It could have been used to pay part of our national debt. Or better yet, improve the basic services, our people so desperately need. This of course does not include the money to be handed out to their congressmen and local executive allies. The election operators would also demand for their share of the pie. I wouldn't be surprised if this election alone would cost the administration more than P6Billion in total. The country could have a lot of uses for this amount and Gloria wouldn't need to walk out on reporters when asked about the economy. Oil and LPG prices went down due to the decrease in international prices, not because of her economic reforms. OFW remittances is at an all-time high and the dollar's continuing decline is the reason why the exchange rate is dropping. The EVAT is a major factor in the shrinking deficit. While she brags about the economy, high utility rates continue to make life hard for the ordinary Filipino. We, the taxpayers should rise up and tell this government that this is where the real fight is. It is not in congress or the electoral battlefields. We the people deserve more, much, much more.

If Gloria can raise this staggering amount to bribe her candidates, then the country is not her priority. She would rather make her minions happy than make sure every child can get a good education, that every Filipino can be given better health service, that there will be food on every family's table and that there will be a roof over every Filipino's head. No wonder its only her and her cohorts who believe and feel the improving economy. If this is the kind of person who believes she is the country's best leader, then I must go with those who advocate a national strike and let her know we've had enough of her brand of leadership and that we will not give her our hard-earned taxes.


Sunday, February 11, 2007

Super Twins Of The Administration

While Erap had his Balato Twins, the administration's Unity Ticket has one of the Balato Twins and the Super Twins. Joker Arroyo and Ralph "Santos" Recto finally succumbed to the administration's mouthwatering offer. To the very end, the Super Twins continued to point out how they stood against the constitutional onslaught of the palace. But that is not the entire issue. The real issue is Gloria Arroyo and her band of terrorists.

So what if they fought GMA tooth and nail against the Con-Ass and the PI. They were out protecting their seats in the senate. So what if they exposed so many anomalies committed by this administration, they should have seen these scandals to the very end. So what if they fought against GMA's EOs, someone else could have done that, they just rode on the public outcry.

That truth of the matter is, they are only part of a collegial body. They were not alone in the fight. They were joined by the entire nation. They should not take credit for what is not truly theirs. We need closure on all issues, we don't need exposes and scandals. We cannot sit and wait while our country is run to the ground. We need to make our leaders accountable. Merely pointing out the illegalities does not cut it.

In the end, its all about money. Money and resources which these two need for their campaign. The opposition cannot promise them this, the most logical decision is to join the bandwagon of the incumbent who has the machinery to run their candidacy. Yes they won under GMA's ticket before, that was before this issue on GMA arose. Now let us see if GMA still has the magic or the witch's brew to win them their seats. She can always cheat again, can't she?


Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Stupidity Of The House Moro-Moro

As expected by all, the (un)Ethics Committee wasted no time hammering Rep. Alan Peter Cayetano on the expulsion case filed by Mike Arroyo. Brandishing the supposed authentic certification from the officials of the Hypo VereinsBank, Arroyo's minions in the committee without blinking an eye, the scoundrels took it hook, line and sinker. Did the panel think that their moro-moro worked? Of course not, no launderer in his right mind would use his real name in an account which contains his loot.

They tried to demolish the young Cayetano's credibility, one even going as far as calling him an extortionist. We all knew from the start that the fishing expedition by the three stooges amounted to nothing. The bank as expected denied the existence of an Arroyo account. A seasoned launderer will use dummies, aliases and pseudonyms to hide his identity. Maybe the Arroyos thought that the people had forgotten the Jose Pidal scandal.

But the committee in all its stupidity could have done Rep. Cayetano more good than harm. They may have sealed his seat in the senate, thanks to the media, Rep. Cayetano looked more like the aggrieved party than Mike Arroyo. We all know how public sympathy can have an impact on ones candidacy. The Arroyos may have won the battle but have totally lost the war. The tyranny of numbers left a bad taste in the mouth of the viewing public. It further stoked the flames of an already simmering cauldron.

Probably realizing what they have done, the committee after holding an executive session, recommended a 45-day suspension for the embattled congressman. Smarting from how disgusted the people were from their Con-Ass shenanigan, the panel avoided kicking Rep. Cayetano out. The panel knew they were put in a bind, they had to save face. They need to make the Arroyos happy and at the same time clear the Arroyos already tarnished name. Mind you, its not their job to cleanse Mike Arroyos name.

Never have I seen a pack of wolves in barongs so rabid in defending the most unpopular personality in the Philippines today. To puke is an understatement. They turned the halls of congress not into a circus tent but a whore house. Frothing at the mouth, they showed the people what kind of legislators they all are. Its obvious now that they are not the true people's representatives but the defenders of the most hated family in the land. They truely have served their masters in the palace by the murky river.

They showed us that we the taxpaying deserve better. Instead of serving us who pay their wages and who give them their much desired pork barrels, they throw their undivided attention to a despotic family. Now you've all seen how your (mis)representatives work, are you still going to vote for them?


Sunday, February 04, 2007

Learning Life The Hard Way

I had the chance to interview a neighborhood toughie. At a young age of 19, he has graduated from petty crimes to the more "rewarding" drug trade. Alone, with a wife and kid to support plus 5 young siblings to take care of, he has turned to the life of crime for survival. I will call him Astig to hide his identity. He creates a lot of trouble in my place and every one's afraid of him. Although I have heard a lot of stories about him, he never really bothered my little store.

We crossed paths when I prevented a gang from another area from beating him up. I was able to pacify the gang and convinced them to just leave. I learned that he is quite intelligent. Although a high school dropout, he was a straight A student. His family's woes began when his father was imprisoned for being an alleged pusher. The father had a friend who lived with them. Unknown to them, the friend was a pusher. The police raided their house and found a big stash of 'crack or shabu' in the friend's room. The friend then implicated his father. The mother, not skilled enough was unable to hold a steady job. With mouths to feed, the mother turned to prostitution to make a living.

Astig's mother started using shabu to numb her senses to be able to stomach the business she is engaged in. Soon, the mother was caught taking drugs and was also sent to prison. Now Astig had no one to rely on and started working in the wet market. Doing odd jobs, he tried to work for his sibling's survival. Of course it was not enough, he turned to doing petty crimes to augment his earnings. He made sure that his brothers and sister had enough food and attend schooling.

He said that even if he worked and stole, it still wasn't enough. He became a runner for a pusher and as of late, a pusher himself. Now, with his new 'career' in peddling drugs, all he has to do is sit and wait for his customers to come and pick up their 'stuff'.

I have tried to council this boy but I have failed as I have nothing to offer him. My wife often sends them food before. He now rejects the little help we extend him. I sense a lot of hatred against the world in this boy. The harsh realities of life seems too much for him. Losing both parents at the age of 16, I cannot even imagine the hardships he had to go through. Still, I have not given up on this boy who has a lot of promise. I know there is still some good in him. He was after all a former altar boy and used to be a good student in a Catholic school. He confided his dreams and aspirations in life during our series of interviews. I know that given the right break, he will rid himself of his evil ways.

I wonder how many Astigs there are in our country today. Having to learn about life the hard way and facing each day with pity and hate. Sometimes, we cannot just condemn but understand. The last advice I gave him before we parted is what I always tell my kids and friends whenever they find life too difficult: "Try looking down instead of up, you will see that you are more fortunate than others and that you do not experience the sufferings they have to go through in life."


Friday, February 02, 2007

Cooking It Up With Gloria

The installation of Hermogenes Ebdane as the new Secretary of National Defense may have sealed the deal for the coming elections. Ebdane as we all know, is one of the generals implicated in the election fraud of 2004. The alleged ballot switching in the lower house and subsequent protection of election operator, Virgilio Garcillano has been attributed to him.

With Avelino Cruz out of the way, this paves the way for another round of election fraud. The Dynamic Duo of Hermogenes Esperon and Hermogenes Ebdane (coincidence?) now has a stranglehold on the entire military. Madame Glueria sure has the best recipe to ensure her minions' victory in the coming polls. She's slowly filling up her administration with her most trusted henchmen. With the aid of another perceived operator at the DILG, the skepticism of the people could turn into reality.

To cloak her evil plans, Glueria had called for a poll summit which she says should allay the fears of the people. Of course she knows very well that even without this summit, the government is duty bound to ensure an honest and clean election. She knew that the opposition and the church will not join this circus. Everybody knows its plain lip service. She has a penchant for saying one thing and doing another.

Its good that the senate has sat on the anti-terrorism bill, imagine if it had been passed, there might not be an opposition slate in the coming polls. The threat of suspension and dismissal of local officials is also part of the administration's grand design to make sure their horses will win the electoral race. The goal is to survive at all costs.

The only way to prevent this witch's brew from poisoning the electoral process is the people's vigilance and active participation. The voters' should guard their votes. With the technology available today, and even without the automation, the people can use their camphones and even their digicams to record the canvassing. To attentively watch the counting of votes is also a way to safeguard our votes. The Filipinos are known "usiseros", let's put that trait to good use and make sure our votes count.

Let us collectively thwart their plan to cheat us again. We must not let our guard down. To be passive will allow evil to win again.