Friday, December 15, 2006

Why We Should Abolish The Lower House

Recent actions by the bullies in the house showed how they have abused the mandate given to them by their constituents. Being elected into office does not give them the right to turn their districts into little fiefdoms. The people had grown tired of the way things are being run. The voice of the people is supreme. No congress or president for that matter can ever do another Marcos. The people silent as they may be, is always aware of what goes on in government.

At this day and age and with media's role, the people are now more informed. No longer can the administration hoodwink the people. No amount of smokescreen can hide the fact that Cha-Cha is all about their survival. Now they call on the senate to push the Con-Con. With their parochial view, the house should stop their insanity. If there is any institution worth abolishing, its the lower house. They had never cared for their constituents, they took them as their serfs.

Being locally elected by a handful of people, congressmen are nothing but glorified barangay captains. A mayor has a bigger constituency than they have. Their position is a redundancy. They only use their pork barrels to hold hostage their constituents and sell the people out to the highest bidder. The house is better off without them. Its best that the lower house be composed of representatives from marginalized sectors of society. I'd rather be represented by a party list representative than a district one. Sectoral representation has a better grasp of national needs and a broader sense of social sentiment. They have a more nationalistic perspective than that of a district representative whose sight is too limited and parochial.

Perhaps we could push for a true constitutional amendment which will lessen the powers given to institutions. A constitution that will be simpler and clear which even the ordinary Filipino will be able to comprehend. The administration must understand that our current problem is not the form of government but good governance. Public perception stem from how the government addresses certain problems/situations. With the rampant killings and corruption scandals, the public can only blame the administration.

The arrogance of the house has no place in a democracy. Its high time we, the masters of these politicians assert our power over them. They are our servants and we, those who pay their salaries should now consider kicking them out. Maybe its time we, the people show our own brand of arrogance and put these people in their proper place. Power emanates from the people and the people is government. The house has outlived its purpose, its best we replace them or better yet abolish the house. Our country will never move forward or even be united with the regionalistic views of the lower house. Those who represent the poor districts couldn't care less as they are unaffected by the poverty that surrounds them. If ever a plebiscite should be held, the question should be: "Do you want the lower house abolished?"