Friday, December 15, 2006

Lest We Forget

As the hoopla of our recent success against Charter Change reaches its crescendo, we must bear in mind the dark years under Martial Law. It must never be forgotten and worth revisiting time and again. Marcos was able to impose his brand of leadership through the people's apathy. And with the same impunity and arrogance as what we see today, Marcos ruled the country as his very own kingdom.

Just like before, mass actions ruled the days leading to the state-sponsored coup. Though a constitutional convention was underway, a group which steered the commission finalized the provisions, the rest was history. This lesson must be taken into consideration. Electing delegates to a constitutional convention is not an assurance that GMA cannot use her influence. Marcos was able to cajole the members back then by dangling promises. There is nothing to stop GMA from doing the same. Delegates will also campaign just like our politicians. Her minions whose terms would be ending next year can opt to run for the convention. She can field her allies and we might just end up with a commission no different from the lower house we have now.

We must be vigilant and watchful of the signs which emanate from Malacañang. We must not let our guards down as those in power has all the institutions under their control. The intimidation continues, so does the persecution and killings. It is imperative that the people move as one in defending the democracy we all cherish. It may cause a little inconvenience but at least there are those whom we should thank for covering our backs.

This renewed unity and collective voice must be protected. It is the only force we can muster against the arms and power the administration has. I have long shed the skepticism I have with the different entities which have risen against this administration. I have to put my trust in somebody or I will forever be blinded by GMA's lies and deceit. The wheel has turned full circle, and we are at the crossroads of a new phase in history. The signs are all there, the abductions, bombings and political assassinations. Its all reminiscent of the times before martial law. The mass actions and the awakened populace could lead to the critical mass which could shatter GMAs dream of her Enchanted Kingdom.

The only action left now after all the losses GMA received is to declare not a state of national but complete martial law. The signs are all there. She cannot afford to be kicked out of office like Marcos or Erap. Keeping the military close to her is her only insurance. Her trusted bureaucrats and political allies are all content and in powerful positions. Everything seems to be in place. The only thing lacking is how she will justify the declaration. The following days or weeks will be crucial to her survival and our quest for true democracy.

We cannot count her out with our numbers, her attack dogs have shown us what they are capable of doing. The lines have been drawn in the sand. The first to blink will certainly lose. There will be no quarters given and this could lead to a face off. I only hope and pray that should that time come, the protectors of the the constitution, the decent men in uniform will rise to the occasion and defend the country and the flag against GMA and her horde. We must not forget the lessons we learned during the '70s and '80s. The signs are there, lest we forget.