Saturday, December 30, 2006

In The Dead of the Night

I suppose the practice of this administration to deal with issues in the dead of the night shows how despicable this regime is. We can recall how the majority in the lower house would be present and tackle the impeachment against GMA till the wee hours of the morning. While important bills are taken for granted, they would fight off sleep to save their benefactor's neck.

Like thieves in the night, they tried to ram the Cha_Cha down our throats. Thanks to media's participation and the vigilance of the Black and White Movement, they failed in their bid to install GMA as president for life. Faced with a new people power, they back-pedaled and tried to save face.

But the arrogance and impunity does not stop there. The DoJ under the rabid Gonzalez put one over the people. Taking advantage of Christmas eve and in the dead of the night, government prosecutors cleared Virgilio Garcillano, GMA's election operator of perjury and falsification of public documents. Despite the evidences presented, the DoJ found no reason to charge Garci and instead blamed the complainants for the dropping of the case.

The latest assault on the constitution and the judiciary came at a time when the country is busy with a long weekend and offices are already closed. A few hours ago, personnel from the US embassy, under the cover of darkness took custody of convicted rapist, Daniel Smith from the Makati City Jail. Responding to queries, the embassy pointed to the Philippine government for the transfer. Raul Gonzalez for the few days have been sending signals and issuing statements against Judge Pozon. Even the Court of appeals has junked Smith's bid and defered the proceedings till after the holidays.

The DoJ and the DFA has manifested and stated provisions in the VFA to get Smith. But without the order of Judge Pozon, they are helpless. The cancellation of the Balikatan turned on the pressure that placed the government at its wits end. With no other option, the administration chose to violate the laws of the land and delivered Smith on a silver platter to US embassy officials. Now, not only Nicole's rights have been trampled upon, the sovereignty of our country and the independence of the judiciary had been made a mockery. Now Nicole has been raped, not once, but twice.

So once again in the dead of the night, GMA and her minions have succeeded with impunity. So much for constitutionality and due process. This is the kind of people who want our constitution changed. Will we allow them to stay in power with the kind of abuses they have committed? They are no better than thieves and thugs. Their kind should never be given positions but put behind bars.