Monday, December 04, 2006

The Cha-Cha Tragedy

The house continues to assert that a parliamentary form of government is the only way to save the country. While surveys say otherwise, public perception of the move by the house is: first, to save GMA, second, to keep themselves in power. With their sheer numbers, the majority bloc will surely succeed on changing the present rules to pave the way for convening congress into a constituent assembly. Many believe that the present constitution has flaws and needs upgrading, but to do it haphazardly is bordering on the insane to purely criminal. While expenses would be less than a that of a constitutional convention, the process would be highly suspect as the 'lawmakers' would be the beneficiaries of such an undertaking.

Many in the majority bloc are in their last term in office and those who are running for reelection know that the electorate will run them down come election day. This is due to their immoral decision to kill the two previous impeachments. They have nowhere to run and Cha-Cha is the only way for them to keep their positions and powers intact. They will not rest until they get their Cha-Cha. Even the recent tragedy in Bicol will not deter their plan to subvert the constitution.

Such arrogance and insensitivity on the part of the majority in the house. While the numbers of dead and missing continue to rise, they would rather waste their energy and taxpayers money on the Con-Ass. They say that they are the representatives of the people and yet put the people's welfare in the least of their concerns. The tragedy in Bicol and the apparent lack of sensitivity of the lower house only shows the true nature of these (mis)representatives. They never cared for the people. They ran for a seat to enrich themselves. These people are only good when they need the people's help. Only in during elections do they show their 'affection' for the people. They forget their constituents when their positions are at stake.

Despite the calls of some sectors and their colleagues for them to prioritize on the rehabilitation of the Bicol region, the majority is still pushing to amend Sec. 105 of the house rules. The call of GMA for unity is nothing but lip service. How can the country unite when her idiots in congress seem to be oblivious to the plight of the people. Her declaration of a state of calamity is somehow delayed. The reality is that the country has been in a state of calamity since she took over. The Arroyo regime has suffered two calamities, the tragedy in Quezon and the Bicol tragedy. The third would do the us in, its called the Cha-Cha Tragedy.