Sunday, December 10, 2006

Terrorizing The Terrorists

The administration has been in panic mode since their house-only Con-Ass hit a brick wall. Terror does beget terror, now the terrorist administration is backtracking. The once "proud" majority reduced to bullied bullies. Their ranks decimated by defecting congressmen who has accepted the fact that the Filipinos cannot be fooled. Faced with the prospect of losing their "heads", they now have to turn to their Plan C.

Their Plan C is to blackmail the senate to join them in their madness. They intend to shift the blame on the senate as has been their practice to divert the people's ire. By issuing a 72-hour ultimatum to the senate, they intend to pressure the senate to join their immoral act. A rejection will definitely be given a negative spin by the administration. The senate has shot down JDV's call and says that their Cha-Cha is good as dead. The palace denies giving the house its marching orders but we all know that GMA is the biggest beneficiary of Cha-Cha.

The house has miscalculated the people's reaction. All sectors of society are now up in arms and had unleashed its fury. The "terrorists" are now being terrorized by the very people whose rights they trampled upon. RC Constantino could not have said it better, JDV and his terror cell are indeed shameless and serial rapists. The combined outrage of religious groups is just too much to handle. GMA and her cohorts have nowhere to run. They have dug their own hole and the wrath of the people threatens to bury them. The patience of the Filipino has grown thin, no more quarters will be given. Damage control and diversion will not cut it. The terror-stricken palace terrorists are in for the fight of their lives. The people called their bluff and the tables had turned. Everything is out in the open, the people has grown to recognize the administration tactics.

Will this be the last straw that will break the camel's back? I suppose the game has just been cut short. No more statements will be taken lightly. The lies and deceit will no longer work as the people has had enough. The apathy has been overtaken by disgust, The house has awaken the people and their arrogance had done them in. The fight is now on and the administration couldn't do anything but run.

In her moment of fear, GMA had no option but to cancel the ASEAN Summit. She has recalled the thousands of military personnel to Manila. Her survival is her only concern. She needs to consolidate her forces. The only question now, will the military finally realize that Arroyo is not the country, the government or the constitution?