Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Thanks But No Thanks

Last Sunday's CBCP Rally called for a different kind of Cha-Cha, Character Change. Of course GMA as usual issued a statement to appease the bishops. We all know how the despot operates, she never mean what she says. As always, she squirms out of tight spots through lies and deceit. It has been the routine of this bogus administration. Speaking like repentant fools, spewing out promises with crossed fingers, only their relatives would believe them.

Like a cornered beast, she will do and say anything to save her hide. All these talk of her changing her values will never materialize. At least her allies were more forthcoming and said they will not have a change of heart. No sooner had the week passed, statements from the palace by the murky river said that they are still pursuing their Cha-Cha bid. The CBCP has been fooled once again. Liars will never change. They learn to believe their lies as the truth. Pichay admitted that the archived Con-Ass can be revived anytime. So the minority's suspicion is right all along.

So all the statements made by the bogus president were issued to stem the tide of public disgust after all. It seems she had won the day again and we will have to continue living in uncertainty. When will the CBCP ever learn. Repentance has no place in the hearts of these scoundrels. There is no such thing as a change of heart for people committed to perpetuating a crime. So where will this lead us to? The CBCP should have allowed the people to air their sentiments last Sunday. Now GMA is laughing at the church and the people. She had successfully fooled the bishops into believing her lies. She has averted a catastrophe that could have evicted her from Malacañang.

This should be a lesson for the church, always be wary of wily liar. The low attendace last Sunday could have been a result of some people's dismay over the CBCP. Some people I was able to talk to said that they would have gone had the CBCP been more forceful. They were expecting the church to lead the way in showing this illegitimate administration that we have had enough. But instead, the CBCP took a safe way out. Its not about politics but the threat to the morals of a nation.

The CBCP should not treat the issues piecemeal, its really one big issue that the country faces, the legitimacy of the incumbent. The parochial view of the CBCP has led to more confusion and they are sending mixed signals to the people. Instead of uniting the people, they have fragmented us and many now believe that they have no credibility. Prayers must be complemented with action. They must decide on where they stand. Lip service does not cut it. Bishops Yñiguez and Tobias are more credible and are more in touch with the people than entire CBCP.

So, there was really nothing to be thankful for. I doubt if anyone would heed the CBCP's call again. The people will be wary of any statement from the CBCP after how they handled the Sunday rally. Should they offer us another option/venue in the future, my answer would be, "Thanks but no thanks". I'm better off praying directly to God than use them as a conduit.