Friday, December 08, 2006


The sessions in the house in the last two days should be an eye-opener for the Filipinos. We are not yet a parliament but the house thinks we are. The "Neanderthals"(as Purple Phoenix describes them) in the house decided to take on Cha-Cha all by their lonesome. While the people slept soundly, the majority in the whorehouse impressed upon itself a constitutional undertaking which calls for both chambers of congress to tackle as one. Like psycho talking to itself, the majority in the house discarded all forms of decency and silenced the minority. In the dead of the night, they have crowned themselves absolute rulers of the land. Even the death and suffering in Bicol and Marinduque, did not deter the scoundrels from achieving their sinister goal.

The pimp in the palace must be in cloud nine as her whores in the brothel was able to give her what she wants. Her glee could be short-lived as the gallant minority succeeded in bringing out the flaws in their unconstitutional actions. The minority was able to lay the groundwork for a fight in the Supreme Court. The only hurdle these whores have to face is the legal battle that looms in the horizon. Its now up to the Supreme Court to show the nation its impartiality.

Its now time for the people to show their disgust. The whores intend to take away our right to vote. We consider the elections personal as its is the great equalizer. We cannot let these thugs take away the only means to voice our will. The fight is now a personal matter as our basic right is being taken away from us. We cannot allow a handful of nitwits take over our lives so they can do as they please. Its time for the people to step up to plate. We are the majority and not them. We must put a stop to this hooliganism by a few whose lust for power is insatiable. We must help the few who try to protect our future. Its high time we join this fight against tyranny.

"Tyranny only prevails when the people do nothing."