Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Omen of Things to Come?

I have been observing the recent events and the actions taken by this administration. There seems to be a pattern unfolding. While the news of Bolante and the CBCP hugged the limelight, there are issues that have been relegated to the sidelines. There have been a succession of actions taken by the administration and its dogs in the recent past. After the fall of the six Magdalos and the turnabout of two more, the DoJ and its attack dogs has turned their ire on the different sectors who in one way or another caused humiliation on GMA. Gonzalez even pointed to members of the opposition, advocacy groups and the business sector as conspiring to overthrow the current regime. He went as far as to imply that certain bishops snd other clergy are in cahoots with both rightist and leftist elements to topple the government of GMA.

There seems to be a crackdown, both actual and implied on the opponents of the administration. I sense the administration has something up its sleeves. They have experimented and tested almost all constitutional and unconstitutional means to see how the people will react. The obvious apathy and disinterest the majority of the people led them to think the time is ripe. I also think the time is ripe for another dictator to rise.

So many signs have been exposed by the administration that one cannot discount the possibility of another martial law. As we all know, the administration has launched not only an armed response but also a psy-war on virtually every group that had opposed it. It has succeeded into making the people complacent of the goings on in the political arena. With their constant propaganda, they have succeeded in weakening if not totally destroying the opposition. Depriving it of the support of the ordinary man. Despite being so corrupt, the adminstration has been successful at painting the opposition as being more corrupt and opportunistic. It had managed to pit opposition against opposition, institution against institution and the elite against the poor. They have succeeded in dividing the nation to isolate and keep in check its opponents.

Now we see a surge in militarism. Retired military men supportive of GMA had landed jobs in the different agencies in government. We even have the military taking on the role of the police. With the appointment of Esperon, expect a more ruthless leadership in the AFP. She is now assured that any discontent in the military can be easily "fixed" by Esperon. One by one, she has appointed her minions in the different agencies in government despite the uproar/opposition the rank and file and other sectors have expressed. She had even managed to "buyout" the holy of holies into saving her from any moral persecution. She is slowly consolidating her forces and in effect had tightened her grip on the nation.

Marcos did the same things before declaring martial law. He first made sure he will get the support he needed when it mattered most. He created a sense of impunity and apathy in society that anything he did was readily accepted by almost everyone. I hope I read these signs wrong. The inability of those GMA tasked to saving her through Cha-Cha had not produced the results she wanted. Anna, a regular commenter raised the question of what the Madyaas is all about in Ellen Tordesillas' blog yesterday. My take on this group is it will be a new political party come election time. I liken it to the KBL (Kilusang Bagong Lipunan) of the Marcos era. For sure its not an advocacy group but more of GMA's answer to the several coalitions now arrayed against her. Her allies had been trying everything to prevent any election from taking place in 2007.

We first heard the faint shouts of Sigaw ng Bayan, Then Abalos saying there is no approved funding for the elections. The curtailment of basic human rights, extrajudicial killings of the legitimate left and journalists, "discovery" of assassination plots, and small isolated bombings followed next. And now, the witch hunt that the "Inquisition" este, the DoJ has cooked up with the help of Lt. San Juan and Amb. Seneres pointing to several businessmen and other groups in a plot to overthrow GMA before her SONA.

I may be wrong with my observations and some may even dismiss them as simply paranoia. Hell, I might even have an excited, over-active mind. Could it be pure speculation or are we just myopic to see the big picture? Vigilance is our only weapon for now. But one thing is sure, we'll in for a very rough ride with this current regime if we don't get our acts together.