Friday, July 07, 2006

Parallels and Double Standards

Monday night, this week, a tape purporting Gen. Danilo Lim's announcement of withdrawal of support from the administration was aired on ABS-CBN's Bandila. This has stirred a hornet's nest and threatens to open a Pandora's Box that could shed light on the events of Feb. 24 and 26.

Since its airing, former Amb. Seneres has come out saying he knew about Lim's plan and even floated names of civilians which included prominent names. Although he later pointed out he has no firsthand knowledge of their involvement, he stressed he was consulted by Lim.

While all this was happening, DoJ's Raul Gonzalez in an interview said, "a succesful coup is patriotic, a failed one is a crime". Sen. Biazon and Rep. Golez however thinks there is a parallel between the Garci tapes and the Lim video.

Somehow, Lim's attempted "Withdrawal of Support" can be tied to the Garci scandal. The military, specifically the Marines were implicated in the alleged 2004 presidential vote rigging. Several generals were mentioned in the Garci tapes and has since been promoted to juicy military posts. But a few who had the guts to speak their mind has since been discharged, restrained to barracks and worse, faces court martial proceedings.

So there really is a connection between Lim's tape and the Garci tapes. Looking deeper in why Lim had this mindset is an affirmation of what the administration had been trying to prevent from coming out. This only justifies the ramblings in the military, especially the Marines. Gen. Miranda of the Marines was suddenly replaced which sparked a stand-off led by Col. Querubin with several other Marine officers and men. Citing the use of the Marines in partisan politics, Querubin refused to accept the sacking of Miranda. He opined that professionalism in the Marines is being threatened.

In the meantime, Gonzalez insist that Lim intended to stage a coup. While most would say that the tape clearly showed a withdrawal of support from the current dispensation, the administration's stand is it was a failed coup attempt. Regardless of what it should be called, the fact is that Lim has to face the music, but in a military court and not what the Doj wants. Lim is not a civilian and should not be tried by a civilian court. Which leads to another dilema that Gen. Senga must contend with. How will this new bone of contention be resolved? Would the general bow down to the so-called civilian authority, or would he be bold enough to go against what the palace wishes and try Lim in a military tribunal.

Could Lim have committed a crime? Was it purely military or can be considered a civilian crime as well. We have witnessed several times how the DoJ (mis)interpreted our laws. Several times to the liking of the administration. What is clear and glaring is how Malacanang with its arrogance has gotten away with so many things. Its only be lately that its one-sided brand of justice been put in check by the Supreme Court. But still, we can see how justice for a few is injustice most. That fact remains that the laws in this country can be bent by those in power to suit its needs. Selective application of the laws that continue to rip this nation apart.

So indeed, there appears to be a parallel in the Lim and Garci tapes and with both comes the truth. The truth that must come out to put closure on the issues the continue to divide this nation. And let's hope that justice will not be played upon by those in power to satisfy the whims and caprices of a very "selected" few.