Tuesday, July 25, 2006

When the Funfare Ends.....the Nightmare Begins

What we witnessed yesterday was an early bid by Malacanang to promote its candidates for next years elections. She played to the gallery's delight. Hi-tech presentation and use of "props", dazzled the cheering crowd. She made sure to patronize all those who have helped her sagging presidency. Its no wonder why security was so tight. She made sure that those who wished to spoil her "extravaganza" would not get in. Despite the heavy rains, the opposition rallied outside the prostituted halls of congress.

She made sure she acknoledged her generals(?), her Cha-Cha Brigade, her "local" boys and her lapdogs. The highlight of her SONA was a powerpoint presentation on how she intends to turn the Philippines into a theme park that would rival Disneyland. The only things missing are cablecars and ski resorts. Had we had snow here, what else would she think of building. Her grandiose plan of making our country into a first world country would definitely incur huge expenditures that even her economic team wonders where the funding will come from. For sure, there will be a new round of borrowings as the administration has to take care of her political allies as well. Revenue from taxes will not be sufficient to pay off our debts and basic services expenditures. Should they choose not to borrow, we all know that the education and health sectors will be the least of their priorities.

But all things said, it was but a political rally. She obviously baited the re-electionist into supporting her or they would not get the projects she promised. These trapos in turn will use these mega-projects to entice the voters. This has been the modus operandi of the administration since day one. Her antics hopefully will pay off. But discerning minds even by the ordinary man on the street had learned to read between her li(n)es. She and her allies will definitely be facing a differnet electorate come 2007.

Its obvious they have given up on their Cha-Cha bid for now. They must now prepare for the coming elections. Her mega-regions was to serve as bait for the electorate. This will be her way of blackmailng the voters and the opposition alike. Despite the IRA and CDF laws, the administration continues to block the release of these funds to those who oppose her.

Now, we must all prepare for the elections. If the administration has laid its chips on the table this early, we must start to educate our voters. We must make our voices and true sentiments be heard. If this becomes a referendum of sorts, lets show this arrogant administration that we, the common man holds the key to the future of this country. And that no politician can hoodwink us into selling our votes to the devil.

Yes Madame President, "a journey of a thousand miles does not start with the first step, it starts with your demise."