Saturday, July 29, 2006

INSENSITIVE? Look Who's Talking

The recent hospitalization of the pretender had sparked a new round of finger-pointing and mud-slinging. Malacanang defenders blamed the opposition and other critics for the pretender's illness. After news broke out that the pretender had been rushed to St. Luke's Hospital due to the flu, several "unsavory" comments were made by the public in different shows aired over the radio.

Her allies dared the opposition to lend a hand in nation-building instead of adding to her headaches. They even went as far as citing the pretender's hardworking habits added to her illness. She had been diagnosed as suffering from the flu and had been advised to lessen her workload. She will be resting in the comfort of her presidential suite for her "much needed" rest.

She had been rushed to the same hospital last month due to diarrhea. This was just before she left for her European sortie to promote our "slaves" and to kiss the hand of the Pope.

Several critics had opined that she could be attended to by the palace infermary and medical staff. Its just a simple case of flu. To her alalays este allies pala, such comments were uncalled for and insensitive. They said that we must appreciate the pretender's efforts at pushing our country forward. Adding that she is such a workaholic, she even brought her laptop to the hospital despite being advised to rest.

To me, "look who's talking?" A simple flu and diarrhea is no cause for alarm. While the average Filipino could not even afford basic medical services, the gall of these lapdogs to say such remarks. The government's medical allocation for every Filipino is a measely 25 centavos a year. The pretender is lucky, she can avail of the best medical services anytime of day, anytime she wishes. How many children die of diarrhea and complications from flu every year? And these are very curable illnesses at this modern age. Was the government sensitive to their plight? The 25 centavo allocation is not even enough to buy a piece of candy at todays prices.

Hindi kaya sila kinikilabutan sa mga pinagsasabi nila? Who's insensitive now? Reps. Silverio and Salapuddin should shut up. Their remarks only highlight this administration's callous attitude towards the Filipinos. So the next time the pretender gets sick, I hope she keeps in mind the ordinary Filipino who toils everyday to pay her high taxes and get "scraps and leftovers" for basic, social services. I also hope her lapdogs think twice before opening their cavernous mouths.